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2006: Year of the Health Worker


  • Intership Program brings new talent to DC
    PAHO opens its door to students form all over the world, through profesional practices.
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  • Collaboration between the Human Resources for Health Unit and CICAD/OAS on international health and drugs
    Second Regional Meeting of Public Health Academic Institutions in Latin America,
    Cordoba, Argentina, 25-27 October, 2006.
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  • TPIH residents organized screening of the documentary ¡Salud! for staff at PAHO headquarters
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  • Encouraging Global Health Education for Doctors and other Health Professionals
    First Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC) Conference for the Southwest Region,
    Galveston, Texas, 10-12 November 2006.
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  • The Migration of Health Workers in the "Region of the Americas", Situation, Perspectives, and Suggestions for Action
    VIII Ibero-American Conference of Ministers of Health, October, 2006, Colony of Sacramento, Uruguay.
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  • Human Resources for Health—Critical Challenges for the Region of the Americas: Round Tables, PAHO/WHO, 47th Directing Council, CD47/19, September, 2006
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  • Improving the Performance of the Health Workforce: From Advocacy to Action, by Gilles Dussault, Professor Catedratico, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
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World Health Day 2006

This year, the annual World Health Day celebration honored health workers – the most valuable resources we have for health. The Pan American Health Organization and countries throughout the Americas joined the World Health Organization in observing World Health Day with events throughout the week of April 3-7, ending with a special session on Friday, April 7.

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    Important Issues in Human Resources in Health

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