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Resource Page for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Information by country (in Spanish)

Argentina Dominican Republic Panama
Bahamas El Salvador Paraguay
Barbados Guatemala Peru
Bolivia Haiti Trinidad & Tobago

Honduras United States
Canada Jamaica Uruguay
Colombia Mexico Venezuela
Costa Rica Nicaragua

Information by group of countries

Average price of a one-year treatment with antiretrovirals in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (as of May 2001 and May 2002)

Price Comparison of Antiretroviral Therapy, 2001 (PowerPoint, 632 KB)

Proposal to create database of prices of antiretrovirals

Access Policies

Revolving Fund for Strategic Public Health Supplies (in Spanish, PowerPoint, 156 KB)

Report to the  42nd Directing Council of PAHO about the Situation of HIV/AIDS in the Region (PDF, 67 KB)

Resolution of the 42o Directing Council of PAHO about HIV/AIDS (PDF, 146 KB)


Building Blocks: Antiretroviral Treatment in Adults for Latin American and Caribbean Countries (PAHO/WHO, 2002)

Building Blocks: Proceedings of the Consultations on Standards of Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in the Americas (PAHO/WHO, UNAIDS, IAPAC, 2001)

Building Blocks: Comprehensive Care Guidelines for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in the Americas (PAHO/WHO, 2000; PDF, 89 KB)

Guidance Modules on Antiretroviral Treatments (WHO & UNAIDS, 1998)

Use of antiretroviral treatment in adults (WHO, 2000; PDF, 2376 KB)

Building Blocks: Women and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Strategies (PAHO/WHO, 1999)

Developing HIV/AIDS treatment guidelines (UNAIDS, 1999; PDF, 395 KB)

This page presents information on the prices and uses of antiretroviral treatments, as well as policies of access to these drugs.

This information can be of interest to ministries of health and other organizations involved in the medical care of people living with HIV/AIDS.

The accuracy and effect of the data depends on the different sources that have facilitated them, to whom we express our gratitude.

Additional Information

Technical Documents




Other Resources

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