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Priority research strategies for a new Public Health with emphasis in Health Promotion


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By Dr. Ilona Kickbusch,
Professor and Head of the Division of Global Health
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
Yale University School of Medicine

Presentation at:
    Science, Health and Development: Achievements and Challenges in One Hundred Years of PAHO.
    XXXVII Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Health Research
    Washington, D.C., 12-14 June 2002

    Document No 37/2002.9


  • Health as one of the central dimensions of quality of life
  • What makes and keeps people healthy
  • The priority domains
  • Four proposed priority research areas
    • Studying the interface between social, biological and educational dynamics
    • Studying the interface between health and social organization
    • Studying social ecological interventions, critical pathways and investment strategies
    • Study the health/wealth interface at the macro economic and societal level

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