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World Health Day,
April 7th 2002

Active Cities Contests Winners

Award to Outstanding Cities and Municipalities for Improving Public Spaces for Recreation and Promoting Physical Activity in the Americas

PAHO and CDC are proud to announce the winners of the Active Cities Contest!

Category One - Latin America and the Caribbean

1st Place

Loja, Ecuador

Loja has a strong interest in preserving its natural environment in harmony with the city, offering both a healthy environment and opportunities for an active lifestyle. Its efforts include an important recycling initiative.

Loja Siglo XXI

2nd Place

Surco, Lima, Peru

One of the outstanding features of Surco is its program to expand and preserve green areas by recovering water from the Río Surco. Physical activity is strongly promoted through diverse sports initiatives.


3rd Place

Balcarce, Argentina

Balcarce is successfully conserving its green areas, through reforestation initiatives and a pedestrian-friendly community.

Balcarce, Argentina

Category Two - United States and Canada

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Surrey is doing exceptional work in protecting its open areas for recreation and providing diverse programs and activities to promote physical activity.

Special Recognition

In addition to the contest winners, four additional cities are selected to receive Special Recognition. These cities are:

    Eugene, Oregon, USA - for preserving its green areas and maintaining a pedestrian-friendly environment.

    La Habana Vieja, Cuba - for its work in preserving its beautiful traditional architecture and maintaining a pedestrian-friendly downtown area.

    Lo Barnechea, Chile - for preserving its green areas for recreation and promoting physical activity through a blend of sports and active everyday living.

    Manizales, Colombia - for its varied initiatives to promote physical activity among all age groups.


The four winning cities will be honored by the international community during an award ceremony at the Health Promotion Forum in the Americas held in Santiago, Chile, on October 20-24, 2002.

The four winning cities and the cities receiving Special Recognition will receive commemorative plaques, recognizing their outstanding achievement. Monetary prizes will be awarded to the first and second place winners from the Category One countries (i.e. Latin American and the Caribbean countries), $2500 and $1500 respectively.

All of the awarded cities and their achievements will be publicized in the local and regional media.

Selection Committee

The members of the Selection Committee held a meeting on May 28, 2002, at the Pan American Health Organization headquarters in Washington, D.C., to review the documentation of the submitted applications and select the winners. Of the 136 qualified applications from Latin America and the Caribbean and the six applications from the US and Canada, the Committee unanimously selected the four winning cities and the four additional cities to receive Special Recognition.

The members of the Selection Committee are:

    Dr. David McQueen, Associate Director of Global Health, CDC
    Dr. David Brandling-Bennett, Deputy Director, PAHO
    Dr. Maria Teresa Cerqueira, Director of the Division of Health Promotion and Protection, PAHO
    Professor Thomas Downs, Director, Smart Growth, University of Maryland

*Official letter from the Selection Committee announcing the winners of the Contest

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