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5th Annual Vaccination Week in the Americas, (VWA) 2007 - Final Report
Vaccination Week in the Americas (VWA) originated with a proposal by the ministers of health of the Andean countries aimed at controlling a measles outbreak in Venezuela and Colombia in 2002. It became a hemispheric initiative in 2003, when the Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) adopted Resolution CD44.R1. More in PDF »

Immunization Newsletter, August 2007, Vol XXIX, Number 4
IN THIS ISSUE: Newborn Hearing Screening in Costa Rica; XIX Meeting of Central American Region, Mexico, and the Latin Caribbean; Solid Waste Recycling in Bolivia; Vaccine Storage in Health Unit Refrigerators; In Memoriam: Gloria García Santibañez More in PDF »

XVII Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Meeting on Vaccine Preventable-Diseases, 2006
Final report of the The XVII Technical Advisory Group(TAG) Meeting on Vaccine Preventable-Diseases of the Pan American Health Organization, held in Guatemala City, Guatemala, July 2006. More in PDF »

Immunization Newsletter, August 2006, Vol XXVIII, Number 4
IN THIS ISSUE: XVII TAG Meeting: Final Recommendations; Ad-hoc Meeting of Experts to Establish Best Practices in CRS Surveillance More in PDF »


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Progress Report: Elimination of Rubella and CRS in the Americas, 2007
Powerpoint slide on Elimination of Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome in the Americas: Progress Report  More in PDF »

Vaccination Campaigns Programmed for MR
Powerpoint slide on Vaccination Campaigns Programmed for Rubella and Measles Elimination in the Americas 2007-2008  More in PDF »

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