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Health in the Americas, 1998 Edition
"Health in the Americas," formerly "Health Conditions in the Americas," is the authoritative encyclopedia of health indicators and trends in the Region. Published every four years by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), this two-volume reference offers an exhaustive analysis of the health situation in the entire Region of the Americas. (© PAHO 1998)   (6/Jun/1998)
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Regional Core Health Data Initiative
Components of the Initiative: 1) PAHO Basic Indicator Data Base; 2) Health Situation in the Americas: Basic Indicators; 3) Country Health Profiles; 4) Basic Health Indicators Atlas.(26/Aug/2005)
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Regional Core Health Data System - Indicators Glossary
Definition, technical note, type, measure units, categories, and subcategories for each indicator in the Regional Core Health Data System(26/Oct/2004)
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Regional Core Health Data System - Country Health Profile 2002: SURINAME
This summary contains information from the Core Health Data System updated in the year 2002, and the General Health Situation and Trends for SURINAME (Summary of the Country Chapter, Health in the Americas, 2002 Ed.)(25/Jun/2003)
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Country Profiles 2002 Alphabetical Index
Country Profiles 2002 Alphabetical Index(25/Jun/2003)
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Country Profiles 2002 - Regional Index
Country Profiles 2002 - Regional Index(25/Jun/2003)
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