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Health in the Americas, 2002 Edition
Health in the Americas, 2002 edition, is the Pan American Health Organization flagship publication analyzing the health situation and trends in the Region of the Americas. In this 2002 edition, the analysis of Health in the Americas is oriented toward documenting inequalities in health. In order to best show the analysis at both the Regional and country levels, this edition, as were previous ones, is presented in two volumes. (© PAHO, 2002)(20/Sep/2002)
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Health in the Americas, 1998 Edition
"Health in the Americas," formerly "Health Conditions in the Americas," is the authoritative encyclopedia of health indicators and trends in the Region. Published every four years by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), this two-volume reference offers an exhaustive analysis of the health situation in the entire Region of the Americas. (© PAHO 1998)   (6/Jun/1998)
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Public Health Surveillance in the Americas: National Epidemiological Surveillance and Statistical Information Systems
A portal with links to National Epidemiological Survillance Information Systems and Statistical Information Systems in the Region of the Americas.(29/Jan/2003)
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Modules of the Principles of Epidemiology for Disease Control For the English-Speaking Caribbean - Adapted Second Edition. These training modules are designed for health professionals in the Americas. The modules are publications of the Expanded Program of Textbooks and Instructional Materials (PALTEX) of the Pan American Health Organization, an international organization made up of the countries of the Americas for the promotion of the public health. This program is supported by financial aid from the Inter-American Development Bank. (20/Aug/2007)
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HIS Assessment of Suriname
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