Bibliographic Databases

Portal Avian Influenza, Virtual Health Library (VHL)
This special portal from the Virtual Health Library (VHL) at the PAHO Regional Center for Health Information at BIREME constitutes a major information resource site for avian influenza, not only for virtual library materials but for other more general information, events, links to national and international sites of interest to the topic, etc.(21/Feb/2006)
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PANAFTOSA Bibliographical Database, Veterinary Public Health Virtual Library (VHS)
The Veterinary Public Health Virtual Library (VHL) of the Pan American Center for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (PANAFTOSA) is the main repository for PAHO information on veterinary public health and zoonotic diseases. Its bibliographical database on scientific literature provides not only the reference but also an abstract and access to the downloadable full texts in PDF.(19/Sep/2005)
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Virtual Library in Veterinary Public Health (VHL PANAFTOSA)
The goal of the Virtual Health Library in Veterinary Public Health of the Pan American Center for Foot-and-Mouth Disease is to facilitate user access to different virtual information resources in the area of veterinary public health, at the national (i.e. in the countries) and international level.(16/Jan/2004)
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Virtual Disaster Library -Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance
This edition of this electronic collection (available on line and on CD-ROM) incorporates the most important works published by the Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization, UNHCR, UNICEF, Project SPHERE, the Red International Cross Movement, and several non-governmental organizations. This edition has a new more powerful and improved search engine and all the documents are available in HTML and many in PDF format. With more than 400 scientific and technical documents, this collection is the most important information tool on these topics. (31/Dec/2002)
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Antimicrobial Resistance Bibliography
This comprehensive bibliography on antimicrobial resistance, produced by the PAHO Program on Communicable Diseases with funding from USAID, covers all information on the subject found in the MEDLINE and LILACS databases. This document tells how to offer the free CD with multimedia materials and database, and also offers access to the 769-page book in downloadable PDF files with embedded links.(1/Dec/2001)
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