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Color the chinches! Salvadorean Primary School Project to Educate Children on How to Prevent Chagas Disease
Illustrated on this page is a simple tool used by elementary schools in El Salvador to teach children how to identify chinches picudas, or the specific triatomine insect Triatoma dimidiata that is the main vector transmitting the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite and hence, Chagas disease. Below is the sheet given to the pupils to color and a photo of the children engaged in the activity. This material was developed by the PAHO/JICA collaborative project with the Ministry of Health of El Salvador.(9/Oct/2008)
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National Pandemic Contingency Plan Self-Assessment Template
PAHO has developed this Excel template for use in the countries for them to evaluate their own capacity to face a pandemic: the National Influenza Pandemic Preparedness: Self-Assessment, Second Round, National Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plans / NIPPPs.(31/Dec/2007)
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Toolkit: Planning and Budgeting for TB Control
The goal of this tool is to support countries in developing their National Tuberculosis Control Plans for 2006-2015, to ensure that they are capable of meeting the global TB control targets for 2015. Important Note: To open this document, click OK on the virus warning and then "Enable Macros" in the next box. It is a heavy document and may take long to open. For further help, see the instructions.(7/Jun/2007)
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The Revised TB Recording and Reporting Forms--Version 2006
The objective of this revision was to align forms and registries to the new Stop TB Strategy, in the sense that it will facilitate monitoring the components and subcomponents of the strategy and thus help meet the Millennium Development Goals. The new forms will improve the quality of patient care, will help personnel, will allow for monitoring program performance, and will provide a base for formulating policies and programs.(31/Dec/2006)
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EDUCFA Pharmaceutical Education
There are presented aspects related to the initiatives of the professional education of college and graduate-level, in particular various aspects related to the Pan American Conferences on Pharmaceutical Education. There is included in addition a proposal of career accreditation of Pharmacy of Latin America, in progress of treatment in such Conferences.(28/Jul/2004)
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Instrument and Exercise for in vivo Antimalarial Drug-Efficacy Studies (WHO, 2004)
This page offers access to an instrument developed by WHO for analyzing the results of the evaluations of antimalarial drug efficacy. It is being utilized by the teams carrying out this type of study within the framework of PAHO's Amazon Network for the Surveillance of Antimalarial Drug Resistance (RAVREDA, from its name in Spanish Red de Vigilancia de la Resistencia a las Drogas Antimaláricas) and USAID's Amazon Malaria Initiative (AMI).(14/Jun/2004)
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Directory of Information and Documentation Centers
Specific bibliographic and full text information may be obtained by contacting the regional PAHO Directory of Information and Documentation Centers/Pan American Centers.(26/Sep/2003)
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