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Public Health Emergency of International Concern
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office for the Americas (AMRO) of the World Health Organization (WHO) coordinating the actions with the health authorities and governments of the Region in order to preserve the health, our most basic asset.
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Issue No. 10 - May 20, 2009
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A H1N1 - An Outbreak Timeline
Science Magazine. 8 May 2009.- "I'm amazed at the capacity we have with the information and communication technologies," says epidemiologist Mirta Roses Periago, head of the Pan American Health Organization. "We used to do things with our hands and smelling and looking at the patients." During the past few weeks, she notes, scientists have rapidly shared sequences of the viruses, digital images of patient x-rays, and electron micrographs of the new H1N1.
"At this point in history, this is the best surveillance we've ever had," said Keiji Fukuda, one of WHO's assistant director generals.
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AMRO takes the lead: Implementation of new WHO policy on Collaborating Centers
Washington, DC. February 2009.- With the rollout of the global electronic system known as eCC System in 2007, all WHO Regions transitioned to a paperless processing environment for (re)designations of the WHO Collaborating Centers. The mandate to do so was announced by mid 2008.
AMRO/PAHO took the lead as it kicked off 2009 in full compliance with this new policy.
This was accomplished thanks to the remarkable teamwork of all partners involved: ITT/AME and KMS/KCS, WHO development and support team for the ingenious eCC system; WHO staff at the country, regional and Headquarters in Geneva and most importantly, all the centers.(17/Feb/2009)
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