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STEPwise Approach to Stroke Surveillance (STEPS Stroke)
Stroke is the second leading cause of death in the world and one of the top ten causes of death and disability in the Americas. WHO has developed an international stroke surveillance system: the STEPwise Method to Stroke Surveillance (or STEPS Stroke), which forms a framework for standardized surveillance and data collection and analysis. This page contains a summary, an orientation presentation, and access to the STEPS Stroke manual. (31/Dec/2008)
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Sterilization Manual for Health Centers
The purpose of this manual is to inform health workers on the protocols and simple procedures that have been developed to prevent healthcare-associated infections. The guidelines included in this handbook show which steps to follow in cleaning, preparing, sterilizing, storing, and transporting hospital equipment so as to guarantee sterile materials--awareness of which is crucial in providing patients with safe health care. This page provides a summary and access to the full text in Spanish.(31/Dec/2008)
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Detección de mecanismos de resistencia a los antimicrobianos en el laboratorio
Este folleto, diseñado para uso del personal de laboratorios de microbiología, guía la detección de los mecanismos de resistencias de bacilos gramnegativos y cocos grampositivos. El propósito del folleto es contribuir a la adecuada prescripción de antibióticos, a través de la interpretación del antibiograma por los microbiólogos. carátula(31/Dec/2008)
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