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Revista Panamericana de Infectología, Vol. 10, No. 4 (octubre 2008)
La Revista Panamericana de Infectología (de la Asociación Panamericana de Infectología / API) brinda una serie de artículos sobre el tema de las infecciones relacionadas con la resistencia antibacteriana de gran interés científico.(31/Oct/2008)
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Disease burden and health-care clinic attendances for young children in remote Aboriginal communities of northern Australia
This article from the WHO Bulletin contains a new methodology of successfully working on this problem with indigenous communities (in this case, Aborigines) and the method and lessons could be adapted to the Americas where scabies is a big issue in many indigenous communities. Abstract | Full text HTML(7/Apr/2008)
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Epidemiology of Chagas Disease in Non-Endemic Countries: The Role of International Migration
At one time, Chagas disease was restricted to the endemic countries of the Americas; but this is no longer the case. This article by retired PAHO Advisor Gabriel Schmunis focuses on the recent spread of Chagas disease as a result of migration. The article appears in a special supplement dedicated to Chagas disease and published in the Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz.(31/Aug/2007)
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