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Public Health Agency of Canada's Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Site
This page contains the following sections, among others: What's New, Upcoming Events, FAQs, Tuberculosis Epi-Updates, Canadian Tuberculosis Committee, Surveillance Reports, Publications & Educational Resources, Links, and About Us. (12/Jan/2005)
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Clinton Global Initiative Video on Neglected Tropical Diseases
This hour-long talk show with former US president Jimmy Carter, Professor of Microbiology and Tropical Diseases Peter Hotez, and Uganda Director of Health Services, Ministry of Health Sam Zaramba discusses cost-effective measures for eliminating neglected diseases, the threat they pose and the impact they have for developing nations, and viable treatment and control measures.(9/Dec/2008)
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The Macro and Micro World of the Mosquito Aedes aegypti: You need to know it before you can fight it!
This non-narrative video from Brazil is uniquely composed of images on the lifecyle of A. aegypti, the vector transmitting dengue and yellow fever. As such it is not dependent on language, only on visual filming of how mosquitoes breed, are born and live in area occupied by humans--information that rarely reaches communities. Each minute of this film correspondes to two days in the life of the mosquito.(29/May/2008)
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