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Regional Strategy on an Integrated Approach to the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases Including Diet, Physical Activity, and Health
Chronic diseases are the major cause of death in all the countries of the Americas. This strategy was created to deal with this new epidemic: It Strategy is comprehensive, requiring a combination of interventions for the population and individuals. It is integrated, spanning prevention and control strategies focusing on the major chronic diseases and cross-cutting risk factors (especially diet, physical activity, tobacco, and alcohol). Finally, it is intersectoral, because most of the major determinants of the chronic-disease burden lie outside the health sector. This page offers an executive summary and access to the full text in PAHO publication format, as well as related initiatives.(4/Sep/2008)
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Trans Fat Free Americas: Declaration of Rio de Janeiro
Public health authorities, representatives of the food industry, and companies producing edible fats and oils--convened by the PAHO/WHO in the city of Rio de Janeiro from 8-9 June 2008--made this declaration against trans fatty acids in foods produced for human consumption.(9/Jun/2008)
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Hospital Infections: Legislation in Latin America
Comparative legislation study on the prevention, surveillance, and control of hospital (nosocomial) infections in Latin America, with the goal of analyzing trends and evaluating the current status of health surveillance systems. This page contains a summary and access to the full text in Spanish. This book is a collaborative effort of two PAHO technical units, Health Policies and Systems and Communicable Diseases.(31/Dec/2007)
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