Our community is chinche- and Chagas-free: United against chinches!
These two posters (in Spanish) are directed at children and families in a public-education campaign in El Salvador to teach people how to identify and avoid chinches, the "assassin bugs" that transmit Chagas disease.(25/Aug/2008)
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I can do it myself! Tips for people affected by leprosy who want to prevent disability
This 40-page illustrated booklet, designed for distribution to patients, gives step-by-step, detailed instructions on how persons affected by leprosy (hansen's disease, hanseniasis) can take the necessary steps to prevent disability and avoid and treat wounds in their eyes, hands and feet themselves, thus empowering them to improve the quality of their life and their health.(22/Oct/2007)
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Leprosy Detection Rate, 2006
This map (depicted on a PowerPoint slide) shows the detection rate for new leprosy cases in 23 countries of the Americas during the year 2006.(15/Aug/2007)
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