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First Round of Community Cardiovascular Health Promoters Receives Diplomas (INCAP, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 26 June 2008)
With their graduation on 26 June 2008 at the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP) in Guatemala City, the country now has 29 certified cardiovascular health promoters trained in education, prevention, and timely detection of cardiovascular diseases. PAHO collaborated in this effort through the Pan American Cardiovascular Initiative with the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute of the United States.(26/Jun/2008)
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Visit to PAHO-NHLBI Project in Mixco, Guatemala
A field visit was made to the project being conducted by PAHO and the US National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States, within the framework of the Pan American Cardiovascular Initiative (PACI), involving local health promotors. The project involves collaboration of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) of Guatemala.(22/Jan/2008)
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(PALTEX) The Expanded Textbook & Instructional Materials Program
Since 1968, the Textbook Program (PALTEX), a joint Pogram of the Pan American Health Organization and the Pan American Health and Education Foundation(PAHEF), a US nonprofit organization that closely cooperates with PAHO in several activities, has provided nearly 6 million medical books and instruments to students and health workers at over 520 institutions in 19 Latin American and Caribbean countries, as part of the technical cooperation of PAHO to the Americas. PALTEX serves the needs not only of medical students, but also of a wide range of professional health disciplines, including nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nutrition and environmental health. It provides not only print materials, but also basic diagnostic instruments required for hands-on student practice. In addition to textbooks for professionals, PALTEX now also publishes and distributes manuals and other materials focused on the needs of health services personnel at all levels of the health system. This document offers the following information: What is PALTEX? What type of publications does PALTEX provide? How does PALTEX select its publications/books? How does PALTEX function? How can an institution become a partner in the PALTEX system? Who can purchase PALTEX material? Link to the Spanish PALTEX Publications Catalog.(17/Jun/2009)
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Health-Promoting Schools. Strengthening of the Regional Initiative. Strategies and Lines of Action 2003-2012. Health Promotion Series No. 4
This Strategic Plan for Strengthening the Health-Promoting Schools Regional Initiative during the period 2003 to 2012, is the result of a long process of analysis of the current status of the Health-Promoting Schools Strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean, and of the needs of children and adolescents, and of the countries in the Region. It is also the result of discussion sessions, consensus, and final validation with a group of professionals, mainly from the health and education sectors, with wide experience in the management of the strategy and school health programs in the countries of the Region. The Strategic Plan, presented in this document, reflects the vision of the Pan American Health Organization for strengthening the Regional Initiative throughout the next ten years. Once again, we encourage all Member States to continue their efforts to improve the health and quality of education of all school-age children and adolescents through the Health-Promoting Schools.(10/May/2004)
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Health Promoting Schools, Questionnaire for Networks
Questionnaire for Networks on Health Promoting Schools.(5/Feb/2002)
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Health Promoting Schools, Questionnaire for Schools
Questionnaire for Schools to Register National Health Promoting Schools Network.(5/Feb/2002)
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Other Resources

CARMEN: A Network for Integrated Prevention and Control of Chronic Noncommunicable Disease in the Americas
The CARMEN Pan American Network was developed because there was an increasing awareness among PAHO member countries that chronic noncommunicable diseases (CNCDs) account for nearly two-thirds of the total number of deaths in the Americas, and that, to a large extent, these diseases are dependent on risk factors and lifestyles that are amenable to modification. This page tells about the CARMEN network and how it contributes to NCD prevention and control throughout the Americas, with a multitude of links to its products, partners, and various activities (CARMEN Policy Observatory, CARMEN School, Pan American Cardiovascular Initiative, Central American Diabetes Initiative, etc.).(9/Jun/2009)
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Sustainable Development and Environmental Health - Healthy Settings
Sustainable Development and Environmental Health (SDE) - Healthy Settings, Healthy Municipalities and Urban Health, Health-Promoting Schools, Local Development and Community Participation(12/Aug/2005)
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Periodical Publications

Perspectives in Health - Volume 11, Number 1, 2007
Magazine published by the Pan American Health Organization. This edition features the following articles: Best Buys for Public Health - HIV: What You Know Can Help You - Deadly Imitation - Genetics in the Service of the People - Health Goes to School(28/Jun/2007)
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Technical Documents

Introduction to Social Marketing: Its Application for Promoting Healthy Lifestyles (Mexico City, Mexico, 28 July – 1 August 2008)
This 40-hour course was sponsored by PAHO's CARMEN School, the summer courses at the National Institute of Health of Mexico, and the University of South Florida. As a result, the technique of Social Marketing selected at the course will be used will be used for dissemination and application for social communication in the areas of obesity and overweight among children, physical activity, diabetes, cervical cancer, and limiting the sale of junk food and products from vending machines.(1/Aug/2008)
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10th International Course on Physical Activity and Public Health: Move for Health (2nd Course of the CARMEN School in Guatemala, Antigua, 13-16 November 2007)
This course provided training for national and community public health professionals in Guatemala on the topic of physical activity and health.(16/Nov/2007)
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Workshop on Policy Analysis and Decision-Making with Emphasis on Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases (Bridgetown, Barbados, 15–17 October 2007)
This workshop was hosted by the PAHO/WHO Office for the Eastern Caribbean Countries as a joint activity of the CARMEN Policy Observatory and the CARMEN School. Aimed at high-level policy- and decision-makers, its purpose was to provide an introduction to public policy analysis, development, implementation, and evaluation. This page contains a summary, the agenda and list of participants, and all presentations. (17/Oct/2007)
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