Poverty and Health



Fostering Cooperation in Health
Washington, D.C. PAHO HQ. December 16, 2009.- "Public health is way more than a job for us: it is a passion, a heartfelt commitment, our whole life. We keep good company because, fortunately, it is that way not only for us but also for millions of people worldwide. Public health is a sort of a network of networks, where a broad and multifaceted umbrella which protects the well-being of humanity is held up every day by a myriad of individual's actions."
Welcoming remarks by Dr. Mirta Roses-Periago, Director of the Pan American Health Organization on the occasion of the South-South Development Solutions Forum on Global Health as part of the Global South-South Development Expo at PAHO HQ in Washington DC. (18/Dec/2009)
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Washington, D.C. 49th Directing Council. October 1, 2009.- Important dialogue between Ministers of Health of the Americas during the celebration of the 49º.Directing council of PAHO analyzes the impact of the world economic crisis for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, the most ambitious endeavor ever pursued against poverty, where the principles of equity, solidarity and the right to the highest attainable health are the core values of the PHC approach; while its guiding principles are the responsiveness to people's health needs, social justice, quality-oriented services, government accountability, sustainability, participation and intersectoriality.
Director's Newsletter (2/Oct/2009)
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PAHO, Humanitarian Clowns and Health Experts Join Forces, Using Art as a Bridge to Health and Development
Washington, D.C. - From 4 to 16 August, art becomes a bridge to health access for thousands of people in a remote and vulnerable community in Peru with the arrival of some 100 humanitarian clowns and international public health experts from 12 countries, as part of the Pan American Health Organization’s Faces, Voices and Places Initiative for the Millennium Development Goals.
PAHO VIDEO »Arte, Puente para la Salud (in Spanish)
Art and Health: together in the Belén Festival
PAHO Director, health promoters and humanitarian clowns will join Belén Festival in Peru
Humanitarian Clowns and Health Experts Join Forces, Using Art as a Bridge to Health and Development(17/Aug/2009)
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HUMAN SECURITY: A Public Health Perspective
El Paso, Texas, USA. June 5, 2009.- Dr. Mirta Roses' presentation at the LXVII Annual Meeting USMBHA /AFMES (Human Security: A New Border Response).
Human security means protecting the vital freedoms. It means protecting the people exposition to threats and to certain situations, strengthening its strength and aspirations. It also means creating systems that facilitate for people the basic elements of survival, dignity, and life.
The threats to the safety of the people in general, to women, to communities, to the ethnic groups, were not sufficiently assessed as potential threats to the safety in general, neither the poverty, the spread of diseases, the destruction of the environment, the lack of access to water, the maternal health, the not to have a permanent work. Until the end of the cold war the states and governments, had not considered priority the daily insecurities that have to support common people, because the greatest threats were seen outside the borders within the framework of the confrontation among the large potencies.
Hunan security means the equitable access to education, work, and health, as well as the respect of the human rights, as essential components of the security, this without denying the obligation of guaranteeing national security by of the governments.
Presentation » (5/Jun/2009)
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Se deben evitar los errores cometidos en los programas de ajuste estructural
Abril 2009.- Entrevista exclusiva a Mirta Roses, Directora de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud en el boletín informativo del Fondo España PNUD 'Hacia un Desarrollo Integrado e Inclusivo'.
La actual crisis económica global impacta de lleno en los países de nuestra región y sus efectos golpean con especial fuerza a los sectores sociales más desprotegidos. El campo de la salud representa un desafío de particular relevancia y exige acciones coordinadas e inmediatas.
Entrevista [PDF] »(25/Apr/2009)
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Report - State of the Region 2008 - for Central America and Dominican Republic
Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. Febrero 19, 2009.- Central America needs national and regional innovative responses. Despite profound changes in the last 20 years CENTRAL AMERICA faces today a new and more complex international situation.

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"Informe Estado de la Región (2008)"
Estado de la Nación_Website
Presentación del Sr. Miguel Gutiérrez (19/Feb/2009)
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AGENDA DE SALUD 2009-2018 para Centroamérica y República Dominicana
Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. Febrero 19, 2009.- Presentación de la Agenda de Salud 2009-2018 para Centroamérica y República Dominicana, por la Coordinadora de la Unidad de Atención Centrada en los Países (D/CFS), Dra. Mariela Licha Salomón.
La constitución de esta agenda de salud según la Dra. Licha muestra un avance en el sistema de integración de Centroamérica, en el fortalecimiento integracional como región, con instancias políticas, instituciones, sector salud, sector social, con el objetivo de orientar el plan de Salud Subregional y lograr una efectiva alineación y armonización de los socios nacionales e internacionales en función de los objetivos estratégicos regionales y en el marco de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio, añadió.
Por su parte la Directora de la OPS, Dra. Mirta Roses concluyó señalando que cada vez nos acercamos más metodológicamente a las necesidades y pensamiento centroamericano, y la identificación de proyectos de cooperación más concretos hacia las necesidades más apremiantes de nuestras poblaciones con el desafío que enfrentamos hoy sobre la protección social en salud.
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Agenda de Salud 2009-2018 para Centroamérica y República Dominicana. XXIX Reunión Ordinaria COMISCA 2009.(19/Feb/2009)
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Human Rights and Neglected Diseases
Neglected diseases impose a huge burden on developing countries, constituting a serious obstacle for socioeconomic development and quality of life. But the fact that they were bequeathed to our Region by the transatlantic slave trade makes their burden all the more galling: individuals, families and communities in our hemisphere are still suffering illness which originated in that abhorrent exploitation, more than 200 years after the outlawing of the British slave trade. Thus, taking decisive action to eliminate them as a public health problem in the Region, which is an achievable dream.(4/Aug/2008)
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