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nature outlook: Neglected Diseases
This special issue of nature focuses on neglected tropical diseases, which 'affect more than one billion people, yet there are few effective treatments. And despite much research activity, scientific innovations with therapeutic potential are not making it out of the laboratory. The articles in this Outlook examine what can be done to stimulate the development of effective medicines and deliver them to the people who need them most.'(11/Feb/2008)
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Chagas Disease: An Impediment in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Latin America (Biomed Central / BMC International Health and Human Rights, Vol. 7)
This article outlines the need for multidimensional approaches that address specific geographically determined epidemiological profiles, especially for diseases of poverty that attack the most vulnerable populations. Stopping the cycle of suffering and impoverishment associated with Trypanosoma cruzi will play a role in human empowerment and development as well, which is the basic aim of the MDGs. Click here for the abstract.(7/Sep/2007)
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Where the Poor Are: An Atlas of Poverty
The Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) at the Earth Institute at Columbia University has produced this Atlas of Poverty. The link below goes to the CIESIN homepage.(9/Aug/2006)
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Beyond Swollen Limbs, A Disease's Hidden Agony
This article gives an account with lymphatic filariasis in Léogâne, Haiti, and speaks of the impoverished populations affected by the disease as well as international efforts to eradicate it. There is also a link to a video on what the disease is all about.(9/Aug/2006)
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Trabajo no remunerado de cuidado de la salud en el sector hogares
Esta página web tiene información sobre el tema de trabajo no remunerado de cuidado de la salud en el sector hogares.(27/Mar/2006)
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GenSalud Information Systems Web Page
This web page provides access to a variety of gender, ethnicity and health information, the GenSalud electronic bulletin, the Gender and Health Virtual library, fact sheets, the Gender, Health and Development statistical brochure, among other resources from PAHO's Gender, Ethnicity and Health Unit.(4/Apr/2005)
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Mainstreaming Ethnic Equity in Health Policies
This is the web page for Ethnicity on the Gender, Ethnicity and Health web site.(4/Apr/2005)
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Gender, Ethnicity and Health Page
This page provides access to the latest information from the Gender, Ethnicity and Health Unit of the Pan-American Health Organization.(25/Feb/2005)
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Gender and Public Health Series
The Gender and Public Health Series is produced by the Pan American Health Organization's Gender and Health Unit in Central America for the purpose of highlighting different topics of interest to the Unit. The goal of the Series is to stimulate reflection, analysis, debate and action from an interdisciplinary gender perspective on public health matters. (4/May/2003)
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Domestic Violence: Women's Way Out
This is the web page that describes and provides access to the publication 'Domestic Violence: Women's Way Out' that was produced by PAHO's Gender, Ethnicity and Health Unit.(30/Sep/2000)
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