Antimicrobial Resistance

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European Antibiotic Awareness Day (18 November 2008)
The first-ever European Antibiotic Awareness Day took place across Europe on 18 November 2008. European Antibiotic Awareness Day will be an annually recurring event that will raise awareness about the risks associated with inappropriate use of antibiotics and how to take antibiotics responsibly. This year's event set focus specifically on the need for everybody to stop any unnecessary use of antibiotics.(9/Nov/2008)
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Priorities in Health
Two overarching themes emerge from the extensive research and analyses in this World Bank publication: (1) Current resources can yield substantial health gains if knowledge of cost-effective interventions were applied more fully. (2) Additional resources are needed in low-income countries to minimize the glaring inequities in health care. Increased resources would provide highly-effective interventions, expand research, and extend basic health coverage to more people. WHO contributed to this publication.(3/Apr/2006)
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Legislation on Antibiotics in Latin America
The objective of this study is to analyze existing legislation on the general topic of prescription drugs and on the specific topic of antibiotics, with the goal of evaluating its regulatory effectiveness and applicability, and to weigh the influence and repercussions of judicial measures on the causes of and solutions to the inappropriate use of antibiotics. This page offers an executive summary and access to the full text in Spanish. (31/Dec/2004)
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Cost of Hospital Infection in Nine Countries of Latin America
This page provides a two-page summary (and access to the full 184-page e-book in Spanish) of the newly published book containing twelve articles from nine countries on the phenomenon of nosocomial (hospital) infections, a problem threatening the public health of the Region. The annex includes the protocol used to determine the cost of hospital-acquired infections for the country's health-care system.(21/Nov/2003)
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Antimicrobial Resistance Bibliography
This comprehensive bibliography on antimicrobial resistance, produced by the PAHO Program on Communicable Diseases with funding from USAID, covers all information on the subject found in the MEDLINE and LILACS databases. This document tells how to offer the free CD with multimedia materials and database, and also offers access to the 769-page book in downloadable PDF files with embedded links.(1/Dec/2001)
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Campaign to Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance in Healthcare Settings
The CDC's Campaign to Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance aims to prevent antimicrobial resistance in healthcare settings. The campaign centers on four main strategies: prevent infection, diagnose and treat infection, use antimicrobials wisely, and prevent transmission. Within the context of these strategies, multiple 12-step programs are being developed targeting clinicians who treat specialty-specific patient populations including hospitalized adults, dialysis patients, surgical patients, hospitalized children, and long-term care patients. Educational tools and materials are being developed for each patient population. (63 slides with comprehensive notes attached to each)(1/Apr/2004)
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Reflections on TB/HIV and MDR
This 34-slide PowerPoint presentation was given in Honduras at the Workshop on TB/HIV Co-Infection in August 2003. It discusses the increased risk that people living with HIV/AIDS have of contracting the lethal form of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, as well as preventive methods and methodological problems that arise in survey measurements.(15/Aug/2003)
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Cuando tenga que tomar antibióticos ... sea inteligente!
Ideal para campañas de educación pública, este afiche en colores, en forma imprimible, se presta para informar a la gente sobre cómo tomar los antibióticos de manera apropiada, en lenguage común y fácil de entender.(1/Jan/2001)
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Other Resources

Foodborne Pathogens and Disease
This links is to the major online journal, which in turn also offers links to other scholarly articles on the topic.(18/Apr/2006)
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Investing in Global Health: 'Best Buys' and Priorities for Action in Developing Countries
These three new volumes from the World Bank Disease Control Priorities Project--Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries (2nd ed.), Priorities in Health, and Global Burden of Disease and Risk Factors--are part of an ongoing initiative to provide technical resources to improve the health systems, and ultimately the health of people, in developing countries.(3/Apr/2006)
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This page offers the user a panoramic view of all PAHO materials on malaria. The documents are organized according to the following categories: surveillance, prevention and control, PAHO activities, Other PAHO Materials, and General Information/Links. It also contains a listing of featured items for all categories with the most important documents from each, and a side bar containing frequently requested items, upcoming events, and/or new books.(25/Jan/2005)
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Periodical Publications

Epidemiological Alerts Archives, 2003–2008
(Note: Series renamed, formerly EID Updates: Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases, Region of the Americas.)
The purpose of these alerts is to disseminate information on the latest public-health events that have been identified as risks to health, trade, and/or international travel. Most of these events are primarily due to infectious agents, while others are due to chemical or physical agents. The PAHO Epidemiological Alerts published at the regional level (for the Americas) complement the WHO Disease Outbreak News published at the global level. The latest issues can be found at the new site, 2009 onwards.(3/Apr/2009)
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Revista Panamericana de Infectología, Vol. 10, No. 4 (octubre 2008)
La Revista Panamericana de Infectología (de la Asociación Panamericana de Infectología / API) brinda una serie de artículos sobre el tema de las infecciones relacionadas con la resistencia antibacteriana de gran interés científico.(31/Oct/2008)
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Tuberculosis, Vol. 8, No. 1—marzo 2007
Este número contiene noticias sobre lo siguiente: Eventos pasados: Reunión Regional de Jefes de Programas Nacionales de Control de la Tuberculosis, IIa Reunión del Grupo Técnico Asesor del Programa Regional de Control de la Tuberculosis; Noticias; 47a Sesión del Consejo Directivo; Informe anual de la directora; XDR-TB: Extensiva resistencia a drogas antituberculosas; Nuevos proyectos de TB financiados por el Fondo Mundial en la Región; Destacado: Plan Estratégico Regional de Tuberculosis 2006-2015; Actividades del Programa Regional: DOTS en las Americas, Coinfección TB/VIH; Próximos eventos; Enlaces de interés; Publicaciones.(31/Mar/2007)
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Technical Documents

Sterilization Manual for Health Centers
The purpose of this manual is to inform health workers on the protocols and simple procedures that have been developed to prevent healthcare-associated infections. The guidelines included in this handbook show which steps to follow in cleaning, preparing, sterilizing, storing, and transporting hospital equipment so as to guarantee sterile materials--awareness of which is crucial in providing patients with safe health care. This page provides a summary and access to the full text in Spanish.(31/Dec/2008)
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Detección de mecanismos de resistencia a los antimicrobianos en el laboratorio
Este folleto, diseñado para uso del personal de laboratorios de microbiología, guía la detección de los mecanismos de resistencias de bacilos gramnegativos y cocos grampositivos. El propósito del folleto es contribuir a la adecuada prescripción de antibióticos, a través de la interpretación del antibiograma por los microbiólogos. carátula(31/Dec/2008)
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International Health Regulations (IHR)
The International Health Regulations are an international legal instrument that covers measures for preventing the transnational spread of infectious diseases. The newly adopted IHR (2005) has as purpose and scope “to prevent, protect against, control and provide a public health response to the international spread of disease in ways that are commensurate with and restricted to public health risks, and which avoid unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade”. This page provides a detailed description and information on progress of its implementation, plus relevant links.(24/Jun/2008)
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