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Seventh Vaccination Week in the Americas
April 25, 2009 - May 02, 2009.- Vaccination Week in the Americas is an unparalleled effort led by the member countries of the Pan American Health Organization to vaccinate millions of people. In 2009, the seventh Vaccination Week in the Americas will happen between the 25th of April and May 2nd. This year, Vaccination Week will emphasize vaccination of the whole family, and the immunization of health workers.
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Massive Multi-Country Drive Aims to Vaccinate 30 Million People [PAHO Press Release](27/Apr/2009)
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Immunization Guides
This series is the gold standard for hands-on, highly practical field guides for use by national immunization programs in their battle against vaccine preventable diseases. Each guide describes the clinical and epidemiological aspects of a specific disease and offers targeted strategies for its prevention and control.(28/Sep/2005)
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Neonatal Elimination Field Guide, 2005
The primary aim of the Neonatal Tetanus Elimination Field Guide is to provide those who already have managed to reduce the incidence of this disease to zero, as well as medical officers and other health personnel involved in neonatal tetanus elimination efforts at national, state, and local levels, with a step-by-step guide for setting up and carrying out control and elimination activities.(13/Sep/2005)
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Vaccines: Preventing Disease and Protecting Health
This publications features numerous chapters related to Child Health, including "The Burden of Congenital Rubella Syndrome," "A New Vaccine for Polio?" and others.(4/Mar/2004)
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Eliminación de la rabia canina transmitida por perros
Este video de cinco minutos y medio comunica la seriedad de la rabia como enfermedad mortal y los logros que se han hecho en la Región para eliminar la rabia transmitida por perros, es decir, la forma historicamente más común, a través de educación y programas de vacunación masiva.(13/Mar/2008)
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Quality of Vaccines to Be Purchased by the PAHO/Revolving Fund
This 9-slide PowerPoint PDF presentation gives details on the vaccine assessment process to verify that the vaccines (a) meet the specifications of the relevant UN Agencies; and (b) are produced and overseen in accordance with the principles recommended by WHO, including those for good manufacturing practices (GMP). This is intended to ensure that vaccines used in national immunization services in different countries are safe and effective and that they meet particular operational specifications for packaging and presentation.(16/Sep/2005)
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Introduction of New and Underutilized Vaccines: Assuring Vaccine Supplies for the Americas
The purpose of this 15-slide PowerPoint PDF presentation is to (1) review Regional Program strategies; (b) discuss PAHO’s approach to technical assistance to countries; and highlight importance of sustaining vaccine supplies for new products.(16/Sep/2005)
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Other Resources

Honorary Commission to Fight TB and Prevalent Diseases
This new medical site based in Uruguay offers a wealth of information (in Spanish) on the fight against tuberculosis, vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization information, both for the public and for health professionals, with guidelines, manuals (bacteriological and other), statistics, laboratories, bacteriology, etc.(29/May/2008)
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Seasonal Influenza
This page offers an organized listing of all PAHO documents on the topic of seasonal influenza, as well as links to other sites with relevant information, primarily at WHO and in the Region of the Americas.(31/Mar/2006)
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Measles page
Measles vaccine homepage(9/Oct/2005)
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Periodical Publications

Immunization Newsletter, February 2010, Vol XXXII, Number 1
IN THIS ISSUE: Honduras: Denominator Adjustment in Population Aged Under Five Year; Yellow Fever ESAVIs in Peru, 2007: Findings from an Expert Panel; PAHO Revolving Fund: Vaccine and Syringe Prices, 2010; 2009 AFP Rate Reaches Lowest Level in 10 Years; AFP and Measles/Rubella Indicators, 2009; Peru’s 2010 Budget Law: National Immunization Program to Secure Funds(5/Feb/2010)
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Measles Weekly Bulletin, Vol. 15, No.52 - Week ending 2 Janaury 2010
Measles and Rubella Surveillance in the Americas.(7/Jan/2010)
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Polio Weekly Bulletin, Vol. 24, No. 52 - Week ending 2 January 2010
Poliovirus surveillance - AFP cases and indicators(7/Jan/2010)
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Technical Documents

Polio Weekly Highlight, week (52) ending 2 January 2010
Percent of AFP cases with one stool sample taken within 15 days of paralysis onset, Region of the Americas, 2008-2009 (7/Jan/2010)
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Guide for Organizing Large-Scale Dog Rabies Vaccination Days
The purpose of this Guide is to construct an instrument that permits (1) staff members from Public Health Services to obtain systematized information to guide them on how to organize, carry out, and evaluate vaccination campaign activities; and (2) explicitly indicate the role of the various institutional and social actors--be they public or private, from the national, intermediate, municipal, or local level--in the different phases or stages of vaccination campaigns to definitively interrupt the circulation of the rabies virus in the canine population. This page gives a summary and access to the full text in Spanish.(31/Aug/2008)
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Current WHO Guide for Rabies Pre- and Post-Exposure Treatment in Humans
This 24-page handbook from WHO/CSR serves as a quick reference handbook with clinical guidelines for providing treatment to persons exposed to rabies.(6/Aug/2008)
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