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   Other Resources

Other Resources

Honorary Commission to Fight TB and Prevalent Diseases
This new medical site based in Uruguay offers a wealth of information (in Spanish) on the fight against tuberculosis, vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization information, both for the public and for health professionals, with guidelines, manuals (bacteriological and other), statistics, laboratories, bacteriology, etc.(29/May/2008)
In English       Honorary Commission to Fight TB and Prevalent Diseases  
en español     Comisión Honoraria para la Lucha Antituberculosa y Enfermedades Prevalentes  

Seasonal Influenza
This page offers an organized listing of all PAHO documents on the topic of seasonal influenza, as well as links to other sites with relevant information, primarily at WHO and in the Region of the Americas.(31/Mar/2006)
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Measles page
Measles vaccine homepage(9/Oct/2005)
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Immunization Field Guides, 2005
Technical documents to aid health workiers in control and eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases.(13/Sep/2005)
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Seasonal Influenza Resource Sites
This comprehensive list of information resources on influenza is arranged by host site. It includes keywords with each entry to enable a simple find search, using the following categories: adolescents, adults, children, disease management, drugs, educational, elderly, fact sheet, frequently asked questions, guidelines, immunization, microbiology, multilingual, multimedia, news, parents, press release, research, resource page, surveillance, toolkit, travel, vaccines, weekly report. (7/Sep/2005)
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EPI Newsletter/Immunization Newsletter Publication
The EPI Newsletter was established in May of 1979, and is produced every two months in English and Spanish. Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information concerning immunization programs in the Region, in order to promote greater knowledge of the problems faced and their possible solutions.(21/Aug/2005)
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Vaccines and Immunization home page
Vaccines and Immunization home page.(5/Sep/2003)
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Rubella page
Rubella vaccine page displays information and activities on rubella and congenital rubella syndrome(CRS) occuring in the Americas.(9/Oct/2002)
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Technical Guidelines for Disaster Situations - Index
Practical Public Health Information for disaster situations prepared by PAHO's technical divisions.(11/Feb/2002)
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