Adolescent Health



Youth: Choices and Change
Presents the first-ever systematic collection and reporting of the application of behavioral change theories and models specifically to adolescents. Breaks new ground in explaining why some health promotion interventions aimed at positive adolescent behavior change produce the desired results, while others fai. (Scientific Publication, 2005© PAHO, 2005)(30/May/2008)
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Por veinte millones de mujeres- Equidad de género en salud en Centroamérica 1998-2004
Este informe presenta un resumen del tema de equidad de género en Centroamérica entre 1998 y 2004.(7/Mar/2006)
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Violence against Women: The Health Sector Responds
This book is a collaborative effort of PAHO (GHU), PATH, the CDC and WHO to address violence against women as a global public health and human rights problem. It provides concrete approaches for addressing VAW, not only for those on the front lines attending to the women who live with violence, but also for decision-makers who can incorporate the lessons reviewed in this book in the development of laws and policies.(7/Oct/2003)
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Drug Abuse
The rapid spread and pervasiveness of the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs has created a grave situation which has caught the countries of the Region of the Americas unprepared and which far exceeds the capacity of the governments to respond effectively. Thus, it is essential to strengthen knowledge in this field and to promote epidemiologic studies such as those reported here. Health authorities, researchers, and health workers involved in drug abuse prevention and treatment will find the material in this volume useful for understanding the current status of the drug abuse problem and what is being done to combat it.(7/Jun/1990)
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