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Periodical Publications

Chronic Disease Prevention & Control in the Americas, Vol. 3, No. 4, April 2009
In this issue, with the spotlight on cancer: HPV Vaccine: Intervention in Adolescents; IARC Study on HPV Testing in Low-Resource Settings; WHO Position Paper on HPV Vaccines Just Released; WHO/PAHO Cryotherapy Guidelines; Call for Abstracts: International Cancer Control Congress; News Roundup. (30/Apr/2009)
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Chronic Disease Prevention & Control in the Americas, Vol. 2, No. 12, December 2008
This issue covers: Season’s Greetings! Two Christmases Ago; Argentina Publishes Report on Improving Its Cervical Cancer Program; El Salvador: AMNET Workshop on CNCD Policy Analysis & Decision-Making; New PAHO Book Reveals Ties between Excessive Consumption of Alcohol and Domestic Violence; New Online Master’s Degree Program in Advanced Oncology; News Roundup; Erratum. (24/Dec/2008)
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Chronic Disease Prevention & Control in the Americas, Vol. 2, No. 10, October 2008
This month's issue covers: The Year Five Men in My Life Died from Chronic Disease; PAHO Directing Council Adopts Regional Plan to Fight Cervical Cancer; CNCD Surveillance in MERCOSUR Countries; Barbados Civil Society Conference on CNCDs; PAHEF Supports Healthy Aging; PAHO & PAHEF Present Inter-American Health Leadership Award to Dr. Cesar Victora of Brazil; Director’s Newsletter Addresses Health Inequities.(31/Oct/2008)
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PAHO Today - July 2008 Edition
PAHO Today is the newsletter of the Pan American Health Organization. In this edition: Vaccination Week '08 Advances toward Record Goals, HPV Vaccine Eyed as Part of Cervical Cancer Strategy, Global Health Leaders Tackle Top Issues, Safe Surgery Checklist Launched at PAHO, more.(28/Jul/2008)
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Chronic Disease Prevention & Control in the Americas, Vol. 2, No. 6, June 2008
In this issue, spotlights are on two major areas, tobacco and cancer: World Tobacco Day 2008; WNTD across the Region; Jamaican Heart Foundation Receives Regional Grant for Tobacco Warnings; Stakeholders Meeting for a Regional Action Plan for Cancer; Fact Sheets on Cancer in the Americas; Towards Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control; Congress on Childhood Cancer.(26/Jun/2008)
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Chronic Disease Prevention & Control in the Americas, Vol. 2, No. 2, February 2008
In this issue: Editor’s Note: Chronic Disease, The Case for Urgent Global Action; Stopping the Epidemic of Chronic Disease, Focus on Advocacy and Policy; An End to Cervical Cancer—The Time Is Now!, Subregional Cancer Plan for Central America and the Dominican Republic, PanAm STEPS Country Update, 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, New Improved CARMEN Website, 2008 PAHEF Grants Program, Letters to the Editor. (5/Mar/2008)
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Cervical Cancer Screening Test Studied in Peru
A promising new procedure for cervical cancer screening is being tested as part of a joint project of PAHO and Peru's Ministry of Health. The project, TATI-2, will evaluate the population effectiveness of cervical cancer screening using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA), a rapid-results procedure designed for use in low-resource settings such as those found in developing countries. VIA is an alternative to the Pap smear, the most widely used method of screening for cervical cancer among women in industrialized countries.(28/Aug/2006)
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Periodic Bulletin 7: Gender-based violence
This is the seventh issue of the gender-based violence electronic bulletin.(30/Sep/2005)
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