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Technical Documents

WHA60.25: Integrating Gender Analysis and Actions into the Work of WHO: Draft Strategy
This resolution from the 60th World Health Assembly in 2007 sets forth the WHO mandate to analyze the data and act in ensuring and integrating gender equality into all health-related areas and all levels of health-care delivery and services for women and girls of all ages.(23/May/2007)
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Consensus Statement on Prevention of Disability (Consensus Development Conference on the Prevention of Disability [POD], Cebu City, Philippines, 13–16 September 2006)
The objectives of the conference were to discuss POD activities in the context of leprosy and other chronic diseases, such as Buruli ulcer, lymphatic filariasis and diabetes; to agree on basic definitions; to agree on a basic, evidence-based approach to POD that is part of routine case management; to agree on the elements of home-based self-care; to agree on methods of monitoring and reporting POD activities; and to agree on priorities for further clinical and operational research in POD. This page contains the executive summary and access to the 9-page statement in PDF, with specific bibliographical references.(16/Sep/2006)
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CD46.R16: PAHO Gender Equality Policy
Resolution adopted at the 46th PAHO Directing Council in September 2005, which lays down the PAHO mandate for gender equality in health and development in the Americas, in accordance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).(30/Sep/2005)
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Report of the Seventh Meeting of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on the Elimination of Leprosy (4–5 April 2005)
The main objective of this year's TAG meeting was to review and finalise the draft Global Strategy for Further Reducing the Leprosy Burden and Sustaining Leprosy Control Activities: 2006–2010. The large-scale implementation of the Strategic Plan increased the coverage of leprosy control activities and brought many previously undetected cases to health facilities for treatment. The plan will address the remaining challenges and further reduce the global leprosy disease burden. A highlight of this meeting was the presentation by Brazil. Included on this page are the recommendations and access to the full text.(5/Apr/2005)
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