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Programa de pequeños subsidios en enfermedades tropicales: Informes finales 1995-2004
El Programa especial de investigación y capacitación en enfermedades tropicales, coordinada por la OMS, brinda pequeñas subvenciones para proyectos de investigación en enfermedades tropicales, las cuales están coordinadas por el Programa de Investigaciones en Enfermedades Transmisibles de la OPS. Este libro contiene 32 informes finales de los proyectos financiados, dividido en secciones sobre malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis, lepra, filariasis, enfermedad de Chagas y tuberculosis.(31/Dec/2006)
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Por veinte millones de mujeres- Equidad de género en salud en Centroamérica 1998-2004
Este informe presenta un resumen del tema de equidad de género en Centroamérica entre 1998 y 2004.(7/Mar/2006)
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Final Report and Proceedings: 14th Inter-American Meeting, at the Ministerial Level, on Health and Agriculture (RIMSA 14) (Mexico City, Mexico, 21–22 April 2005)
This 312-page publication-quality e-book offers the complete proceedings of PAHO's biennial high-level meeting of the health and agricultural sectors, with an intersectoral approach to such issues as zoonotic diseases, food safety, livestock production, rural development, etc. The HTML page offers the preface and resolutions plus the full text in PDF.(22/Apr/2005)
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Violence against Women: The Health Sector Responds
This book is a collaborative effort of PAHO (GHU), PATH, the CDC and WHO to address violence against women as a global public health and human rights problem. It provides concrete approaches for addressing VAW, not only for those on the front lines attending to the women who live with violence, but also for decision-makers who can incorporate the lessons reviewed in this book in the development of laws and policies.(7/Oct/2003)
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