Maternal Health



Priorities in Health
Two overarching themes emerge from the extensive research and analyses in this World Bank publication: (1) Current resources can yield substantial health gains if knowledge of cost-effective interventions were applied more fully. (2) Additional resources are needed in low-income countries to minimize the glaring inequities in health care. Increased resources would provide highly-effective interventions, expand research, and extend basic health coverage to more people. WHO contributed to this publication.(3/Apr/2006)
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The Value of Health: A History of the Pan American Health Organization
Marcos Cueto, a widely published medical historian, presents an appealing and well-documented narrative that describes the origins of public health and the creation of PAHO and culminates with the Organization’s response to globalization and its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals.(27/Mar/2006)
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Directrices para el tratamiento hospitalario de los niños con malnutrición grave
Esta publicación contiene directrices simples y prácticas que tienen en cuenta la limitación de recursos de muchos hospitales y centros sanitarios de países en desarrollo para tratar eficazmente a niños con malnutrición grave. Los hospitales que han implementado las normas descritas en este informe han notificado una reducción estadísticamente significativa de las tasas de mortalidad.(21/Dec/2005)
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Informe sobre la salud en el mundo 2005- ¡Cada madre y cada niño contarán!
El Informe sobre la salud en el mundo 2005 - ¡Cada madre y cada niño contarán! analiza las razones de que sigan muriendo tantos menores de cinco años y tantas mujeres durante el embarazo, el parto o poco después por causas prevenibles, y considera las posibles medidas para reducir ese tributo anual. (© OMS, 2005)(14/Apr/2005)
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Método madre canguro
El presente documento describe el método madre canguro para el cuidado de recién nacidos prematuros o con bajo peso al nacer (que pueden respirar aire ambiente y no presentan problemas de salud importantes), que necesitan protección térmica, alimentación adecuada, observación frecuente y protección frente a infecciones.(30/Dec/2004)
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El VIH/SIDA en países de América Latina. Los retos futuros
El VIH/SIDA en los países latinoamericanos: los retos y futuros presenta información reciente y actualizada acerca de la extensión y las tendencias de la epidemia de VIH/SIDA en América Latina. En esta obra se evalúa la capacidad actual de vigilancia en los países, se examina las respuestas nacionales del sector de la salud a la epidemia en cada país, se identifican las áreas fundamentales en las que se requieren con urgencia intervenciones específicas y se describen los retos futuros. (© OPS, 2004)(15/Jun/2004)
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Violence against Women: The Health Sector Responds
This book is a collaborative effort of PAHO (GHU), PATH, the CDC and WHO to address violence against women as a global public health and human rights problem. It provides concrete approaches for addressing VAW, not only for those on the front lines attending to the women who live with violence, but also for decision-makers who can incorporate the lessons reviewed in this book in the development of laws and policies.(7/Oct/2003)
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Health Statistics from the Americas, 2003 Edition
Presents summarized mortality data by age group and sex for all country-years received since the 1998 edition. Presents 177 data years from 35 countries of the Americas. (Scientific Publication, © PAHO, 2003)(27/Jun/2003)
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Quantifying the Benefits of Breastfeeding: A Summary of the Evidence
Each year new evidence contributes to our knowledge of breastfeeding’s role in the survival, growth, and development of a child as well as the health and well-being of a mother. This publication provides scientific and epidemiological evidence in support of the WHO and UNICEF Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding.(8/Jun/2002)
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Maternal Health: The Perennial Challenge
This booklet approaches the reproductive health of women in the Americas from every angle, using simplified terminology and plain facts. It contains an explanation of the demographics that affect maternal health: migration to urban centers, conditions in marginal communities, and problems of development. (© PAHO, 1991)(1/Jan/1991)
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Maternal Nutrition and Pregnancy Outcomes: Anthropometric Assessment
This book consists of five parts, each of which discusses a different anthropometric indicator: prepregnancy weight, height, arm circumference, weight gain in pregnancy, and weight-for-height and body mass index. In each of the five parts, a background chapter, written in question-and-answer format, provides information on the indicators current use, its relationship to other indicators, its reliability, averages, standards, and cut-off points for use in industrialized and developing countries. (© PAHO, 1991)(1/Jan/1991)
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