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   Technical Documents

Technical Documents

The Global Influenza Surveillance Network
Every year more than 250 million doses of influenza vaccine are produced that help to protect the world's population against influenza infections. For over 50 years the process by which an effective vaccine is developed and manufactured has relied on the international cooperation of a wide range of public health partners brought together under the coordination of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Global Influenza Surveillance Network. This fact sheet provides more details.(31/Oct/2008)
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Health Analysis and Statistics at PAHO
This page describes the the unit responsible for the comprehensive health statistics on the Americas compiled by PAHO: its mandate, mission, areas of work, activities, and products (with links to its main products, e.g. databases, vital statistics, publications, etc.)(28/Aug/2008)
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CD48/9 - Regional Plan of Action for Strengthening of Vital and Health Statistics
CD48/9 - Regional Plan of Action for Strengthening of Vital and Health Statistics(16/Aug/2008)
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Hospital Infections: Legislation in Latin America
Comparative legislation study on the prevention, surveillance, and control of hospital (nosocomial) infections in Latin America, with the goal of analyzing trends and evaluating the current status of health surveillance systems. This page contains a summary and access to the full text in Spanish. This book is a collaborative effort of two PAHO technical units, Health Policies and Systems and Communicable Diseases.(31/Dec/2007)
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Preparativos en salud, agua y saneamiento para la respuesta local ante desastres
Esta publicación destaca la importancia de la participación activa de los sectores de salud, agua y saneamiento en la organización local de los preparativos y la respuesta, y ofrece pautas para facilitar el desarrollo de medidas oportunas y eficaces que protejan la integridad de la población y la de su entorno, en situaciones de emergencias y desastres.(21/Sep/2007)
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Regional Core Health Data System - Indicators Glossary
Definition, technical note, type, measure units, categories, and subcategories for each indicator in the Regional Core Health Data System(26/Oct/2004)
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Guidelines for HIV Surveillance among Tuberculosis Patients (2nd ed.)
The main objective of these guidelines is to provide a framework for the methods to be used for measuring HIV prevalence among tuberculosis patients and to encourage implementation of HIV surveillance. The guidelines are aimed at managers of national tuberculosis programs (NTPs) and national AIDS programs (NAPs), those responsible for HIV surveillance, and public-health decision-makers at national and subnational level. This page offers a summary, lists the recommendations, and links to the e-book on the WHO website.(29/Jul/2004)
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CD44.R6: Primary Health Care in the Americas: Lessons Learned over 25 Years and Future Challenges
This resolution from the 44th PAHO Directing Council in 2003, taking into consideration the Declaration of Alma-Ata and past PAHO resolutions, sets forth the mandate of improving the quality of primary care in the Americas: more equitable access to health services, improved surveillance and information systems in this context, improved training for healthcare workers, a health promotion approach, better policy implementation, local community-based approaches and models, working towards the Millennium Development Goals, etc.(25/Sep/2003)
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Indicators for IMCI at First-Level Facilities and Households
The Department of Child and Adoloscent Health and Development of the World Health Organization, of which Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) is one of the main global strategies, formulated the first version of this toolkit in June 2001. This PDF document (20 pages, 58 KB) includes sections on IMCI priority indicators and supplementary measures at both the health-facility and household levels.(1/Jun/2001)
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