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PAHO Communicable Disease Research Program (CDR)
This page offers the user basic information and a variety of resources in the area of research in infectious diseases: mandates, program description, PAHO guides for researchers submitting proposals and reports, links to its WHO counterpart and to the PAHO Research Grants Program as well as to donor institutions and related sites, international awards, announcements of conferences and publications, upcoming events, etc.(27/Aug/2008)
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ECLAT: European Community - Latin American Network for Research on the Biology and Control of Triatominae
The general objective of ECLAT is to provide a coordinated network promoting collaborative research on the biology and control of Triatominae, in support of Chagas disease control programmes throughout Latin America. In addition to basic and applied research, the network also acts as a focus for discussion and liaison between research scientists, operational personnel, and industries involved in Chagas disease control. Research is focused on the comparative population genetics and dispersal (gene flow) of primary and secondary vector species, especially in relation to recolonisation of treated communities and the adaptive mechanisms involved in colonising new domestic and peridomestic habitats.(6/Jun/2005)
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Barcelona Tuberculosis Research Unit (UITB)
The UITB objective is to produce relevant scientific knowledge on the control, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB. One of its projects is a network on research departments.(2/Jun/2005)
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Instituto Lauro de Souza Lima (ILSL): PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Capacity-Building and Training in Leprosy Control and Research
The Instituto Lauro de Souza Lima, located in Barau, São Paulo, Brazil, is dedicated to strengthening research capacity and training personnel in the area of leprosy control and research, mainly serving the Portuguese-speaking countries. This page summarizes the Center's activities and offers a link to its website.(28/Oct/2004)
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General Information and Guidelines for Manuscript Submission to Books
Through its editorial work, PAHO disseminates reliable information and provides guidance in all matters dealing with public health policy and practice, as a way to fill the current gap between scientific and technical analysis and and the conduct of health promotion, disease prevention, and health care activities. Books are key elements in this effort, in that they publish results of scientific studies and research projects, as well as technical manuals, reference books, and monographs on various subjects that fall within the scope of the Organization's work.(2/Aug/2004)
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General Information and Guidelines for Manuscript Submission to the Pan American Journal of Public Health
A General Information and Guidelines for Manuscript Submission to the Pan American Journal of Public Health/Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública, the multilingual journal published monthly by the Pan American Health Organization.(2/Aug/2004)
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Publishing Online: Implications for the Pan American Health Organization
This study aimed to extract guidelines enabling the PAHO Publications Program to make recommendations to adapt the current strategy, revisiting its objectives vis-à-vis the results obtained and introducing eventual adjustments.(25/Aug/2001)
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List of Participants (by country, and PAHO): Annual Regional Meeting of the Countries Participating in the Network for Monitoring/Surveillance of Resistance to Antibiotics (Asunción, Paraguay, 31 January–2 February 2001)
This list of regional experts in the area of antimicrobial resistance is included on the PAHO web for networking and exchange purposes. It provides full contact information, with e-mail in most cases.(28/Feb/2001)
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