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Sustainable Development and Environmental Health - Healthy Settings
Sustainable Development and Environmental Health (SDE) - Healthy Settings, Healthy Municipalities and Urban Health, Health-Promoting Schools, Local Development and Community Participation(12/Aug/2005)
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Declaration of Medellin-1999
The movement of Municipios and Healthy Communities in the Americas, committed with the principles of equity, solidarity, and living together, proposed in the Ottawa Charter (1986), reaffirmed in the Declaration of Bogotá (1992) and with the contributions of the Congresses of Brazil (1996) and Mexico (1997), has fulfilled a very important role in the search for // new ways of promoting the ambitious goal of health for all, sustainable human development, and the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of this region of the world.(25/Jul/2001)
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Clearing the Air Contest
PAHO/WHO is inviting nominations from the Region of the Americas for the "Clearing the Air" competition in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day, May 31st, 2001. On May 31st PAHO/WHO will recognize governments, mayors, institutions and individuals who have made a significant contribution to "clearing the air" of tobacco smoke in their communities.(9/Mar/2001)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Panama
In Panama, the movement is called Municipalities for the XXI Century, 13 municipalities in the country are part of it, and in January 1997 the Panamanian Network of Municipalities for the XXI Century was established. The movement has strong political support from the President and the First Lady. Panama established health promotion community centers in the most impoverished neighborhoods.(2/Mar/2001)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Costa Rica
Costa Rica has had much success in ensuring access to primary health care and as a result, the country has some of the most impressive health indicators in Latin America.(17/Mar/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic municipalities participating in the Healthy Municipalities movement are Salcedo, Tenares and Villa Tapia.(17/Mar/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Ecuador
The majority of municipalities in Ecuador are in a period of transition intended to strengthen government at the local level. As a result, the Process of Sanitation Reform was enacted and gives increased local control over health initiatives.(17/Mar/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: El Salvador
The Healthy Municipalities Movement is being developed in municipalities in the Departments of Ahuachapan and San Salvador, and in Metapan in the Department of Santa Ana, which is on the border with Guatemala. Ten municipalities altogether are involved.(17/Mar/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Haiti
There has been an increase in local initiatives as a result of the national decentralization policy in Haiti and within this decentralization framework, the cities of Port-au-Prince, Saint-Mark, Cap-Haitian and Cayes are addressing environmental health through activities in the areas of solid waste management, potable water, sewer systems, and public market hygiene.(17/Mar/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Colombia
Through the implementation of the strategy for Healthy Municipalities for Peace in Colombia, it has been possible to place health in a prominent place of the local political agenda, thus obtaining the commitment of the community leaders and politicians to favor more integrated actions to achieve equity and to reactivate the processes oriented to reach the goal of Health for All.(17/Mar/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Guatemala
The most developed healthy municipality projects in Guatemala are in the Departments of Escuintla and Huehuetenango, and the city of Antigua has included involvement with the healthy municipality process as part of its current development plan.(17/Mar/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Honduras
"Border Municipalities: Gulf of Fonseca and Surrounding Municipalities" was the Declaration signed by fifteen health and local government representatives from the municipalities of Honduras and El Salvador Border "El Cordón", as a part of strategy for healthy municipalities.(17/Mar/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Jamaica
Although Jamaica is not participating formally in the movement at this time, recent local development projects could be the beginning of the country's involvement in the Healthy Municipalities process.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Mexico
There are 2,419 municipalities in Mexico, 85% of which are governed by municipal presidents who are democratically elected for a period of three years; the remaining 15% are municipalities of an indigenous nature, with traditional authorities that last one year in the position.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Nicaragua
The country has been implementing the Healthy Municipalities initiative since 1994 when the municipality of León formally committed to the movement. The municipalities of La Paz Centro, Quezalgoaque, El Sauce, and Nagarote have also declared their involvement formally through a municipal decree.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Paraguay
In 1996, Paraguay's Ministry of Public Health and Social Well-Being created the Executive Inter-Institutional Committee (CEI) to be in charge of the organization and promotion of the Healthy Municipalities movement in the country.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Perú
The Healthy Municipalities initiative began in Peru in 1996 when the Ministry of Health publicized its motto "Healthy Communities for Sustainable Human Development in Peru" that emphasized health promotion at the local level. In 1997, the Ministry of Women and Human Development was designated to implement and actively participate in the initiative.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Suriname
PAHO is supporting one pilot project on "Healthy Market Places" involving the Central Market of Paramaribo, the biggest market in the country, which includes nine public markets throughout Suriname.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Uruguay
An interinstitutional commission is being formed at the central level to support the Movement. The instruments to systematize and evaluate the local experiences have been elaborated.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: United States of America
The Healthy Cities or Healthy Communities concept in the United States is not easily characterized as there are multiple interpretations of the movement and Healthy City projects are initiated independently, often conforming to the orientations of different funding organizations.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Venezuela
The Healthy Municipalities movement, known locally as the Municipalities Toward Health Project began formally in Venezuela in 1994 as a national proposal to prioritize sustainable human development, improve the health of the environment, increase equity in health services, strengthen local health services, and promote healthy lifestyles.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Argentina
The Healthy Municipality movement in Argentina is exemplified in Rosario, where a variety of activities based on municipal management, community participation, intersectoral involvement, and equity in health have been developed and implemented.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Belize
The English-speaking country of Belize currently does not have a healthy municipality project though one municipality has indicated an interest in participating in the movement.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Canada
The idea for the international Healthy Cities movement began in Canada in 1984 as a result of the "Healthy Toronto 2000: Beyond Health Care" meeting.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Bolivia
The implementation of Laws 1551 and 1654 passed in 1994 in Bolivia present challenges and opportunities for the country. The laws strengthen popular participation and decentralization, respectively, and have revolutionized Bolivian social policies.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Brazil
During the last decade, national laws in Brazil have called for the decentralization of health services. Laws 8.080 and 8.142, enacted in 1990, designated municipalities responsible for the management and definition of priorities of the Health System through input from local Health Councils.(1/Jan/2000)
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Healthy Municipalities and Communities, country profile: Chile
Since 1990, Chile's Ministry of Health has highlighted intersectoral participation as a strategy to address health concerns and improve the quality of life of its citizens. The government's Primary Health Care Strategy created a framework for the involvement of municipalities, health teams, representatives of various social sectors, NGOs, community organizations and others in meeting the challenges of health and human development facing the country.(1/Jan/2000)
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