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World Diabetes Day: 14 November 2008
This page offers fact sheets; special press coverage and a video; the banner, logo, and poster in various languages; campaign materials, events and photos of worldwide celebrations, etc.--besides a link to the international WDD website and key materials for local campaigns and a press kit. This annual event is to increase awareness on the global diabetes epidemic.(14/Nov/2008)
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World TB Day 2007: From local action to global elimination — Tuberculosis anywhere is TB everywhere
This page contains the agenda, the PAHO presentation with a situation analysis, poster, and campaign brochure for World TB Day 2007 (23 March 2007), which concentrates on the involvement of communities as well as patients and their familiies.(23/Mar/2007)
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March 24 World TB Day 2005: Health-Care Providers Heroes in the Fight against Tuberculosis
This year's World TB Day is dedicated to health workers, the true heroes in the fight against tuberculosis. This page summarizes the event and provides access to the educational materials produced for general distribution (brochure, poster and bookmark, all in color).(22/Mar/2005)
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Project to Strengthen TB Control Programs: Third Workshop (Georgetown Club, Georgetown, Guyana, 13–15 September 2004)
This third workshop--part of the planned program of activities for the Project to Strengthen National TB Control Programs in Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname--was held in collaboration with PAHO and CAREC and the Ministries of Health of the three countries. Its main purpose was to train participants in how to prepare a health-communication strategy for health-promotion activities in the area of TB control.(15/Sep/2004)
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Cuernavaca Consultation: Regional Consultation on the Use of Communication for the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean
The consultation took place in Cuernavaca, Mexico on 6-8 February 2002. Its purpose was to review current experiences of communication support for the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) and make recommendations for PMTCT communications in Latin America and the Caribbean.The transmission of HIV from mother to child is responsible for over 90% of infections among children under the age of 15. The effects are dramatic. AIDS is beginning to reverse decades of steady progress in child survival. But effective and feasible interventions to reduce mother-to-child transmission are now available and could save the lives of thousands of children each year.(2/Feb/2002)
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