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Feature: Toward the Eradiction of Chagas Disease
The PAHO partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), working together with the Ministries of Health in Central America, is a successful example of the tremendous progress that joint efforts can make in disease eradication. This article from JICA Magazine, JICA's English-language publication, describes the impact of the Initiative of the Central American Countries to Fight Chagas Disease (IPCA) on tackling this dread disease, one mostly affecting the poor, with a view to its elimination.(11/Sep/2006)
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Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center
A Comprehensive Resource for all of your Menopause questions, in one place! This site provides the latest information on how to deal with menopause: what it is, frequently asked questions, what products to take, what to avoid, and how to ease menopausal symptoms.(28/Jul/2005)
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PAHO Regional Program on Dengue
This page describes the PAHO Regional Program on Dengue, based in Panama: its mission and areas of work, encompassing the new Integrated Strategy for Dengue Prevention and Control, the Communciation for Behavioral Impact (COMBI) strategy, the global dengue surveillance network Dengue-Net, and its partnership with the International Network of Eco-Clubs.(25/Jun/2004)
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Brazil Leprosy Campaign Evaluation
PAHO/WHO commissioned the BBC World Service Trust to conduct a national radio and television leprosy awareness campaign in Brazil, in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Health, MORHAN, Pastoral da Crianca and Brazil’s major broadcasters. The month-long campaign consisted of three TV spots run 7,000 times and ten radio spots from 2,800 stations from 29 January–27 February 2003. This page gives the results and access to the ten-page executive summary.(31/Jul/2003)
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Lista de participantes: Taller Participación Comunitaria Dengue (Proyecto Post-Mitch, San José, diciembre 2001)
Esta lista contiene información de contacto útil para fines de redes e intercambio en el área de comunicación social y prevención y control del dengue. En ella hay un listado de los expertos y/o actores sociales/políticos quienes participaron en el Taller, de los siguientes países: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, y la República Dominicana--además de los expertos de la OPS.(22/Dec/2001)
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