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Alcohol, Gender, Culture and Harms in the Americas
The present report is the final report of the study and it aims at providing the first insight into the richness of the database, although many more analyses will be undertaken and disseminated in future publications in scientific journals.(14/Jun/2007)
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Por veinte millones de mujeres- Equidad de género en salud en Centroamérica 1998-2004
Este informe presenta un resumen del tema de equidad de género en Centroamérica entre 1998 y 2004.(7/Mar/2006)
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Violence against Women: The Health Sector Responds
This book is a collaborative effort of PAHO (GHU), PATH, the CDC and WHO to address violence against women as a global public health and human rights problem. It provides concrete approaches for addressing VAW, not only for those on the front lines attending to the women who live with violence, but also for decision-makers who can incorporate the lessons reviewed in this book in the development of laws and policies.(7/Oct/2003)
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Other Resources

HIV and Gender
This web page houses information and resources on the topic of HIV/AIDS and gender.(18/May/2006)
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Sustainable Development and Environmental Health - Evaluation and Risk Management
Sustainable Development and Environmental Health (SDE) - Evaluation and Risk Management, Healthy Environment, Workers' Health, Violence Prevention and Road Safety, Tobacco and Consumers' Health(12/Aug/2005)
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Violence against Women
This is the Gender, Ethnicity and Health Unit's web page on its project on violence against women.(28/Feb/2005)
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Periodical Publications

Chronic Disease Prevention & Control in the Americas, Vol. 3, No. 1, January 2009
In this issue: Cancer: Highlights for 2008, Priorities for 2009; Experts Say Lowering Salt Consumption Should be a Top Public Health Priority; Healthy Caribbean: Bridgetown Declaration; Translation of WHO STEPS Stroke Surveillance Manual; New WHO Website on Marketing Foods and Beverages to Children; PAHEF Project Provides Evidence That Alcohol Control Reduces Violence against Women; Global School Health Survey; News Roundup. (31/Jan/2009)
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Chronic Disease Prevention & Control in the Americas, Vol. 2, No. 12, December 2008
This issue covers: Season’s Greetings! Two Christmases Ago; Argentina Publishes Report on Improving Its Cervical Cancer Program; El Salvador: AMNET Workshop on CNCD Policy Analysis & Decision-Making; New PAHO Book Reveals Ties between Excessive Consumption of Alcohol and Domestic Violence; New Online Master’s Degree Program in Advanced Oncology; News Roundup; Erratum. (24/Dec/2008)
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Perspectives in Health - March 2008
The eZine of the Pan American Health Organization. This edition features: Chronic Diseases: Everyone's Epidemic - Traffic Safety: No Act of Fate - Jerry Rivera: "Stop the Pain" - PAHO Calls for Action on Alcohol - More...(17/Mar/2008)
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Technical Documents

Información para decisores: Tránsito
El objetivo de este documento es transmitir a los responsables de las políticas y programas nacionales de seguridad vial los conocimientos y opiniones actuales sobre la prevención de los traumatismos causados por el tránsito, con la esperanza que estimule y favorezca una mayor cooperación y compromiso para la prevención de las colisiones causadas por el tránsito entre los decisores de política en todo el mundo. (Extraído de la publicación Informe mundial sobre prevención de los traumatismos causados por el tránsito).(11/Sep/2006)
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Gender, Health and Development in the Americas- Basic Indicators 2005
The brochure profiles gender differences in health and development in the 48 states and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on women's reproductive health, access to key health services, and major causes of death. Its objective is to raise awareness of gender inequities in the region and promote the use of sex-disaggregated health statistics in the development of targeted health and development policies and other initiatives. (7/Nov/2005)
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Helping Ourselves to Help Others: Self-Care Guide for those who Work in the Field of Family Violence (Gender and Public Health Series 7:)
Specialists in the field of domestic violence have studied and investigated the above situations, characterizing various alternatives of response to those effects. Among them, for example: Vicarious Traumatization, or Secondary Trauma; Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; and burnout.(13/Oct/1999)
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