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International Meeting - Hospitals in Disasters: Handle with Care
This international meeting of experts, sponsored by international agencies, was held in El Salvador from July 8-10, 2003 to examine three key areas: disaster mitigation in hospitals, hospital evacuation and the use of field hospitals in the aftermath of natural disasters. This new sites includes background documents and the conclusions and recommendations of the working groups. (More)(11/Jun/2003)
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Safe Hospitals - A Collective Responsibility - A Global Measure of Disaster Reduction
Protecting critical health facilities, particularly hospitals, from the avoidable consequences of disasters, is not only essential to meeting the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations, but also a social and political necessity in its own right. This is the message that Safe Hospitals—A Collective Responsibility, A Global Measure of Disaster Reduction, prepared by PAHO/WHO for the UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction, puts forth.(28/Feb/2005)
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Guidelines for vulnerability reduction in the design of new health facilities
In recent years it has been proved that even countries with limited financial resources can serve their populations well by providing them with health facilities resistant to natural hazards. this publication puts forward three potential levels of protection from adverse events and it is directed to health sector managers, professionals, and technical consultants entrusted with managing, designing, building, and inspecting new health facilities.(23/Feb/2004)
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Protecting New Health Facilities from Natural Disasters
This publication is an overview of the Guidelines for Vulnerability Reduction in the Design of New Health Facilities and includes recommendations on how to promote their use among national authorities, planners and financing agencies involved in the development of these projects.(17/Feb/2004)
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Other Resources

Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities, 2001 Edition
This disk contains the main training materials -- books and PowerPoint graphic presentations -- that PAHO/WHO has published on disaster mitigation in health facilities. It is designed as a simple Web page and can be used with any personal computer (although we recommend at a minimum a Pentium 1 processor or the equivalent, with hard drive capacity of 40 Mb).(11/Feb/2001)
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Periodical Publications

Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas-June 2007, No. 107
When a disaster strikes, why is it so difficult to find reliable information? This is the topic of this issue's editorial. In addition, Safe Hospitals has become a common subject in the disaster community. There are several articles that touch on this very important issue. HTML(17/Jul/2007)
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Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas-July 2004, No. 96
It is imperative that hospitals remain functional after a disaster. Countries and Latin America and the Caribbean have recognized that it is no longer acceptable to lose these vital facities to natural disasters. This issue's editorial deals with the January 2005 World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan, where countries will review the past decade’s progress and define remaining challenges, critical needs and opportunities. Latin America and the Caribbean are channeling their efforts towards safer hospitals and water supply systems.(2/Aug/2004)
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Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas-October 2003, No. 93
The October 2003 issue of the Newsletter "Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas" can now be read in HTML and PDF formats. This month's editorial deals with the management of dead bodies after disasters. It also includes a supplement on water and disasters.(22/Oct/2003)
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Technical Documents

¿Su hospital es seguro? Preguntas y respuestas para el personal de salud
Esta publicación ayuda al personal de instalaciones de mediana o baja complejidad a identificar posibles vulnerabilidades de su edificación. A partir de ellas se recomienda una estrategia de intervención, donde se priorizan las acciones a desarrollar de acuerdo a su importancia, tiempo y recursos disponibles.(17/Jan/2008)
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Hospital Infections: Legislation in Latin America
Comparative legislation study on the prevention, surveillance, and control of hospital (nosocomial) infections in Latin America, with the goal of analyzing trends and evaluating the current status of health surveillance systems. This page contains a summary and access to the full text in Spanish. This book is a collaborative effort of two PAHO technical units, Health Policies and Systems and Communicable Diseases.(31/Dec/2007)
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CSP27.R10: Regional Policy and Strategy for Ensuring Quality of Health Care, Including Patient Safety
This resolution from the 27th Pan American Sanitary Conference in 2007 sets forth the PAHO mandate for providing effective, safe, efficient, accessible, appropriate, and satisfactory care for users, recognizing that policies are needed in the health sector that will impact the health care continuum, foster citizen involvement, and promote a culture of quality and safety in health care institution.(3/Oct/2007)
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