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Technical Documents

CD48/9 - Regional Plan of Action for Strengthening of Vital and Health Statistics
CD48/9 - Regional Plan of Action for Strengthening of Vital and Health Statistics(16/Aug/2008)
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Preventing Cervical Cancer Worldwide
Cervical cancer kills hundreds of thousands of women—-most in developing countries—-every year. A new report from Population Reference Bureau (PRB) and the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention (ACCP, of which PAHO is a member) reviews the latest prevention and treatment techniques for the disease.(31/Dec/2004)
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National Cancer Control Programs: Policies and Managerial Guidelines (2nd ed.)
This monograph provides guidance for policy-makers and others on the establishment of national cancer control programmes. It outlines the scientific basis of feasible approaches to the control of cancer, and considers possibilities for prevention, early detection, cure and care. It discusses the appropriateness of particular technologies, and describes how to manage national programmes tailored to different resource settings. (PAHO has translated this book into Spanish, available on its Spanish-language site.)(10/Dec/2004)
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Workshop on Implementation Research (IR) in Leprosy (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23–25 March 2004)
This workshop was co-organized by the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Twenty participants from ten countries and four TDR/WHO staff members took part in the event. Objectives were to develop a conceptual framework on challenges in leprosy elimination and integration; and for leprosy IR, to define research priorities, outline a priority plan, and develop a strategy for advocacy and fundraising. This page offers a summary of the meeting and access to the 11-page report and related links.(25/Mar/2004)
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Preparativos de salud para situaciones de desastre--Guía para el nivel local
La participación del nivel local en los preparativos para responder a los desastres es y ha sido siempre esencial. Esta publicación ofrece al personal de salud y a los integrantes del Comité Operativo de Emergencia recomendaciones prácticas para facilitar su trabajo en los preparativos para desastres. Presenta además los principales aspectos para elaborar un Plan Local de Emergencia para el sector salud.(23/May/2003)
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Bridging Distances in Women's Preventive Services and Concerns: Improving Quality and Communication
This page contains an abstract of a conference paper, the central purpose of which was to provide a comprehensive framework for understanding women’s perceptions regarding cervical cancer, and particularly towards early detection.(10/Jul/2001)
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