Disasters Vulnerability



Guidelines for vulnerability reduction in the design of new health facilities
In recent years it has been proved that even countries with limited financial resources can serve their populations well by providing them with health facilities resistant to natural hazards. this publication puts forward three potential levels of protection from adverse events and it is directed to health sector managers, professionals, and technical consultants entrusted with managing, designing, building, and inspecting new health facilities.(23/Feb/2004)
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Protecting New Health Facilities from Natural Disasters
This publication is an overview of the Guidelines for Vulnerability Reduction in the Design of New Health Facilities and includes recommendations on how to promote their use among national authorities, planners and financing agencies involved in the development of these projects.(17/Feb/2004)
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Logros en Salud en Centroamérica: Cinco años después de Mitch
Cinco años después del huracán Mitch—uno de los desastres más devastadores en la historia de Centroamérica—los países más afectados han hecho avances muy importantes en la reducción de su vulnerabilidad a los desastres. Esta publicación se enfoca en muchos de estos logros: hospitales y sistemas de salud más seguros; comunidades mejor preparadas para enfrentarse a las consecuencias para la salud de los desastres; información al día y mucho más.(17/Feb/2004)
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Villa Centenario OPS - Chronicle of healthy housing after a disaster
The Villa Centenario OPS, an anti-seismic housing complex, was developed in El Salvador to benefit people affected by the earthquakes of January and February 2001. This publication relates the participation of the different actors who made possible, in El Salvador, the first experience in the Americas where a new vision is used to build healthy housing and human settlements. In Spanish only(16/Oct/2002)
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Disaster Chronicles - Eartquakes in El Salvador 2001
The chronicle describes actions and analyzes the efficiency of the disaster preparedness programs, their impact on the health sector response in the assistance and recovery stages. It includes a list of lessons learned geared toward health sector workers and managers, that will help draw conclusions of interest for the management of future emergencies and disaster situations.In Spanish only.(22/Aug/2002)
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