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Technical Documents

Food consumption in Mexican adolescents
There are groups of adolescents who are less likely to consume healthy foods (such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products). Socioeconomic and cultural processes that can explain the differences observed are discussed. (Rev Panam Salud Publica/Pan Am J Public Health 24(2), 2008) (31/Aug/2008)
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Regional Core Health Data System - Indicators Glossary
Definition, technical note, type, measure units, categories, and subcategories for each indicator in the Regional Core Health Data System(26/Oct/2004)
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Promoting Better Health for People with Diabetes—DOTA: Declaration of the Americas on Diabetes
This brochure (available for download in color printable form with the text posted on this page) outlines the activities currently being carried out in the Region by PAHO and its partners within the framework of DOTA: education, awareness and organizational development, activities aimed at children and adolescents, epidemiology, and building blocks to control the disease.(23/Jul/2004)
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Risk factors for childbearing during adolescence in a population-based birth cohort in southern Brazil
The objective of this article is to use a case-control study to analyze risk factors associated with teenage childbearing among adolescents who were in a birth cohort study that began in 1982 in the city of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This article has been published in the Pan American Journal of Public Health, July 2004(17/Jul/2004)
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VIH y Comunicación: las estrategias de los Programas Nacionales de SIDA de América Latina
El propósito de la reunión fué examinar cómo los Programas Nacionales de VIH/SIDA de América Latina elaboran sus estrategias de comunicación, con énfasis en la planificación, la evaluación, el trabajo interinstitucional, el financiamiento y otros temas (16/Jun/2003)
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Prevalência e fatores de risco para tabagismo em adolescentes na América do Sul: uma revisão sistemática da literatura
Objetivo deste artigo é descrever a prevalência do tabagismo em adolescentes e os fatores associados ao tabagismo nesse grupo etário na América do Sul. (Rev Panam Salud Pública 2003 13(4):222-228)(15/May/2003)
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Perceptions and experiences of violence among secondary school students in urban Jamaica
The objective of the study presented in this article was to obtain information on the perceptions and experiences of violence among secondary school students in Kingston, Jamaica, and its environs. (24/Feb/2003)
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Child Abuse in Latin America and the Caribbean
This presentation focuses on the situation of child abuse in Latin America and the Caribbean, where difficulties in implementing an epidemiological surveillance system result in the current lack of data on child abuse and neglect. The resulting situation is one where a lack of understanding exists, impacting negatively upon the implementation of prevention programs. The purpose of this presentation is to remedy these difficulties and contribute to stopping the problem. The HTML document summarizes the 37-slide Powerpoint presentation and provides a link to it.(10/Nov/2001)
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Tobacco-free Youth: A Life Skills Primer
Examines scope of the tobacco problem among youths in the Americas, and discusses the application of the "life skills" approach to prevent use. (Scientific Publication, © PAHO, 2001) (18/Jan/2000)
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Height Census and Its Uses: Technical Report
This report (a copublication of PAHO and UNICEF) that resulted from a jointly sponsored meeting of experts in 1994) presents a brief summary of the use of height censuses in the Americas and sets forth the theoretical bases for their use and interpretation. After reviewing the causes of stunting and its biological and social consequences, the publication describes a series of potential uses of height censuses related to policy planning or program evaluation. (© PAHO, 1997)(5/Aug/1997)
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