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Almost a quarter of all disease caused by environmental exposure
As much as 24% of global disease is caused by environmental exposures which can be averted. Well-targeted interventions can prevent much of this environmental risk, the World Health Organization (WHO) demonstrates in a report issued today. The report further estimates that more than 33% of disease in children under the age of 5 is caused by environmental exposures. WHO report Preventing disease through healthy environments: Towards an estimate of the environmental burden of disease(16/Jun/2006)
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Final Report and Proceedings: 14th Inter-American Meeting, at the Ministerial Level, on Health and Agriculture (RIMSA 14) (Mexico City, Mexico, 21–22 April 2005)
This 312-page publication-quality e-book offers the complete proceedings of PAHO's biennial high-level meeting of the health and agricultural sectors, with an intersectoral approach to such issues as zoonotic diseases, food safety, livestock production, rural development, etc. The HTML page offers the preface and resolutions plus the full text in PDF.(22/Apr/2005)
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Public health response to biological and chemical weapons
This WHO publication is a guide to member states on preparedness for and response to the deliberate use of biological and chemical weapons. PAHO has published the Spanish language edition of this important publication. It is available in full text.(14/Apr/2004)
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Zoonoses and Communicable Diseases Common to Man and Animals, 3rd edition. Vol. II Chlamydioses, Rickettsioses, and Viroses
This edition, published for the first time in three volumes, covers:

Volume I. Bacterioses and Mycoses
Volume II. Chlamydioses, Rickettsioses, and Viroses
Volume III. Parasitoses

This series provides a detailed overview of the most important historic and emerging zoonotic diseases, such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, foot-and-mouth disease, influenza, giardiasis, Japanese encephalitis, shigellosis, spongiform encephalopathies, and West Nile fever, with information ranging from their first appearance and most important outbreaks to the latest scientific knowledge of the diseases and their causative agents. (8/Sep/2003)
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PANAFTOSA Bibliographical Database, Veterinary Public Health Virtual Library (VHS)
The Veterinary Public Health Virtual Library (VHL) of the Pan American Center for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (PANAFTOSA) is the main repository for PAHO information on veterinary public health and zoonotic diseases. Its bibliographical database on scientific literature provides not only the reference but also an abstract and access to the downloadable full texts in PDF.(19/Sep/2005)
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Virtual Library in Veterinary Public Health (VHL PANAFTOSA)
The goal of the Virtual Health Library in Veterinary Public Health of the Pan American Center for Foot-and-Mouth Disease is to facilitate user access to different virtual information resources in the area of veterinary public health, at the national (i.e. in the countries) and international level.(16/Jan/2004)
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Public Health Surveillance in the Americas: National Epidemiological Surveillance and Statistical Information Systems
A portal with links to National Epidemiological Survillance Information Systems and Statistical Information Systems in the Region of the Americas.(29/Jan/2003)
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Progress made in the Project on Adaptation and Validation of the 5 Key Ways Manual on Food Safety in Elementary Schools in Guatemala
This 20-slide presention reports on the PAHO project currently being carried out by INCAP in Guatemala. The purpose of the Project is to adapt the WHO Bringing Food Safety Home: Using the WHO Five Keys to Safer Food to local-level needs in Guatemala and later in Honduras as well. The target population is teachers, pupils, and heads of household (the educational community).(10/Jul/2006)
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Risk of Growth and Toxin Production by Clostridium botulinum Nonproteolytic Types B, C and F in Salmon Filets Stored under Modified Atmospheres (MA) at Low and Abused Temperatures
This 29-slide PowerPoint presentation on the theme of food safety presents the main results of a quantitative evaluation of C. botulinum in fish filets for human consumption, its objectives being to (1) review the application of modified-atmosphere (MA) technology for fresh fish preservation; and (2) discuss the mathematical microbiological modeling application for shelf life and safety in fish stored under MA. (3/Aug/2003)
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Photo Gallery: Primary Care in an Indigenous Community of Chorotes (Tartagal, Province of Salta, Argentina)
These nine photos are of a OAHO community project aimed at improving the quality of life of the indigenous peoples of the Chaco region. The project was a great success in that in involved full community participation and a multitude of actors. These photos give a good idea of its immediate positive impact on community life.(24/Jul/2003)
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Other Resources

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers in the Area of Food Safety
This page provides a detailed listing of all the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers in the Region of the Americas that work in the area of food safety, with website and contact links. It also provides links to the main Collaborating Center Databases at PAHO and WHO as well as to their main Food Safety Pages.(7/Jul/2006)
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Avian Influenza
This page offers a comprehensive, organized listing of all PAHO materials on the topic of avian influenza (bird flu), as well as links to other sites with relevant information, mainly at WHO and in the Region of the Americas.(28/Apr/2006)
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Foodborne Pathogens and Disease
This links is to the major online journal, which in turn also offers links to other scholarly articles on the topic.(18/Apr/2006)
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Periodical Publications

Epidemiological Alerts Archives, 2003–2008
(Note: Series renamed, formerly EID Updates: Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases, Region of the Americas.)
The purpose of these alerts is to disseminate information on the latest public-health events that have been identified as risks to health, trade, and/or international travel. Most of these events are primarily due to infectious agents, while others are due to chemical or physical agents. The PAHO Epidemiological Alerts published at the regional level (for the Americas) complement the WHO Disease Outbreak News published at the global level. The latest issues can be found at the new site, 2009 onwards.(3/Apr/2009)
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VPH News (Year 2, No. 4, May 2008)
In this issue: RIMSA 15; PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO welcomes countries at the 35th COSALFA meeting; PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO promotes animal health training; PANALIMENTOS: Security and food safety; Research and Development: II National Seminar on Hantavirus advanced research; STD/AIDS: Congress discusses fights against STD and AIDS; First Conference on Health Innovation is held in Brazil; Food-and-mouth disease: Emergency Simulation in Paraguay; SENACSA; PWR-Chile: Rabies situation; Book launch and articles; Visits to PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO; Cooperation: Fight against animal rabies, agreement for the creation of a laboratory network; Visit of Dr. Mirta Roses, partnership between PAHO and the city where PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO has its headquarters.(31/May/2008)
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VPH News (Year 2, No. 3, January 2008)
This issue covers: New Year's Message; Fight against Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD): Preparation of the 35th Meeting of COSALFA; Technical Cooperation in Food Safety; Veterinary Public Health: Integration of Various Areas of the Sector; Cystic Echinococcosis Guide: Proposals for Intervention; Quality Human Resources: Strengthening the Image of PALTEX; Guide: Social Communication & Risk Communication in Animal Health; PAHO Assistant Director Visits PANAFTOSA, Praises the PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO Strategic Plan; FAO/RLAC: Partnership in the Fight against FMD; Canada: Vesicular Diseases; IKM: Information Technology; Production of FMD Vaccine; Closer Links with Bolivia; Kansas University: Support of FMD Eradication Plan; Poisonous Animals: Prevention Strategies; MAPA-PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO Agreement: Training in Animal Health & Zoonosis; Ecuador: Joint Action Against FMD.(11/Feb/2008)
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Technical Documents

Health Surveillance and Disease Prevention and Control at PAHO
This page describes the PAHO Technical Area for Health Surveillance and Disease Prevention and Control(HSD), its mission and objectives, what it does in terms of projects and activities. It contains links to the four technical groups and the Pan American Center under its umbrella. Note: Prior to June 2006, the Area was named Disease Prevention and Control.(3/Jun/2008)
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RIMSA 15: Inter-American Meeting at Ministerial Level on Health and Agriculture (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11–12 June 2008)
Comprehensive new site: PAHO will once again hold its biennial meeting where ministers of health and agriculture discuss common concerns related to animal diseases, diseases transmitted to human by animals, and agricultural/livestock production and food safety. This year's theme is Agriculture and Health: Alliance for Equity and Rural Development in the Americas.(19/May/2008)
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RIMSA 14: Index of Documents
Index of documents presented at RIMSA 14.(18/May/2008)
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