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Technical Documents

Respuestas nacionales a la epidemia VIH/SIDA: Prevención de la transmisión de la madre al hijo
Del libro "El VIH/SIDA en países de América Latina: Los retos futuros", páginas 123-125 del capítulo 3, incluye información sobre medicamentos que pueden prevenir la transmisión del VIH/SIDA de la madre al hijo. También ofrece estadísticas de cuántas mujeres en países diferentes han recibido tratamiento profiláctico antirretroviral. (© OPS, 2004)(28/Jul/2004)
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Foremilk and hindmilk retinol levels
The objective of this article is to determine retinol levels in breast milk at the beginning and at the end of a feeding. (Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública 2004 16(1):19-22)(17/Jul/2004)
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PAHO Consultation on Congenital Chagas Disease, Its Epidemiology and Management (Montevideo, Uruguay, 24–25 June 2004, in collaboration with the Latin American Center for Perinatology and Human Development, CLAP)
In this meeting there assembled a select group of researchers, clinicians, and those operating disease-managment programs, mostly from the Southern Cone and with the participation of the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. The objectives were to arrive at and update a situational diagnosis of the disease and its management; to develop guidelines for a management guide; to establish a risk and impact projection on the disease in the Region; and to generate guidelines to regularly and sustainably implement the necessary actions in the countries. This page offers the report with its 14 recommendations, the agenda, and the list of participants. (25/Jun/2004)
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Physical, psychological, emotional, and sexual violence during pregnancy as a reproductive-risk predictor of low birthweight in Costa Rica
The purpose of this article is to determine the prevalence of physical, psychological, emotional, and sexual violence during pregnancy and the association that that violence has with low birthweight. (Rev Panam Salud Pública, 2003 14(2):75-83)(7/Aug/2003)
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Getting Specific: Actions to Reverse the Most Destructive Forces
Discusses the physical and sociological effects of tobacco use on users and nonusers, including in utero, infancy, and during childhood. (Building Better Health: A Handbook of Behavioral Change. © PAHO, 2003, pp. 287-330(44) (The full text article is available for purchase)(28/Jul/2003)
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Rescuing the Art of Breastfeeding
In El Limón, Guatemala, support groups organized by La Leche League International teach new mothers the benefits of breastfeeding and help them build confidence in their maternal skills. (Perspectives in Health Magazine, © PAHO 2003 8(1))(8/Jul/2003)
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Checklist for screening pregnant women
A healthy pregnancy and safe delivery are the essential foundation to a joyful and productive life. A damaged pregnancy, however, can result in mortality, malformation, and impaired functional status—both physically and mentally —that can last a lifetime. A popular PAHO publication, Building Better Health: A Handbook of Behavioral Change, presents a checklist for screening pregnant women that includes those procedures best demonstrated to be beneficial and efficient.(15/May/2003)
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Indicadores de atención obstétrica
El capítulo 4 de la publicación de la OPS La salud en las Américas, edición de 2002, dedicado a la Promoción de la salud en las Américas, presenta cuadro con indicadores selectos de atención obstétrica para 19 países de las Américas. Los indicadores selectos son la media anual de nacimientos, los partos institucionales atendidos por personal calificado y el número de cesáreas con respecto a los partos institucionales.(15/Sep/2002)
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Obstetric complications: does training traditional birth attendants make a difference?
This article deals with Obstetric complications whose objective is to to assess the effect that a training intervention for traditional birth attendants (TBAs) in Guatemala had on the detection of obstetric complications, the referral of patients with complications to the formal health care system, and, ultimately, those patients’ utilization of essential obstetric care services. (Rev Panam Salud Pública, 2002 11(1))(15/Feb/2002)
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Physical violence against women in Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia: prevalence and related factor
This article from the February 2001 issue of the Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública/Pan American Journal of Public Health (Vol. 9, No. 2) presents a study whose objective was to estimate the magnitude of the problem of violence in intimate relationships affecting women in Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia, and identify the factors related to the risk of being battered. (21/Feb/2001)
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Los riesgos del fumador pasivo
Este capítulo trata de los efectos negativos en el feto del tabaquismo de la embarazada y la importancia de no fumar durante el embarazo y el crecimiento del feto. Páginas 20-28 (La epidemia de tabaquismo : Los gobiernos y los aspectos económicos del control del tabaco. © OPS, 2000) (Disponible con la compra del libro)(27/Jul/2000)
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Height Census and Its Uses: Technical Report
This report (a copublication of PAHO and UNICEF) that resulted from a jointly sponsored meeting of experts in 1994) presents a brief summary of the use of height censuses in the Americas and sets forth the theoretical bases for their use and interpretation. After reviewing the causes of stunting and its biological and social consequences, the publication describes a series of potential uses of height censuses related to policy planning or program evaluation. (© PAHO, 1997)(5/Aug/1997)
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