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Technical Documents

CD48/11- Improving Blood Availability and Transfusion Safety in the Americas
CD48/11 Improving Blood Availability and Transfusion Safety in the Americas(14/Aug/2008)
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CSP27.R10: Regional Policy and Strategy for Ensuring Quality of Health Care, Including Patient Safety
This resolution from the 27th Pan American Sanitary Conference in 2007 sets forth the PAHO mandate for providing effective, safe, efficient, accessible, appropriate, and satisfactory care for users, recognizing that policies are needed in the health sector that will impact the health care continuum, foster citizen involvement, and promote a culture of quality and safety in health care institution.(3/Oct/2007)
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CD46.R5: Progress Report on the Global Safe Blood Initiative and Plan of Action for 2005-2010
This resolution from the PAHO Directing Council sets forth its Organizational mandate and plan of action to guarantee blood safety and prevent diseases transmitted by blood transfusion.(29/Sep/2005)
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VIth Meeting of the Andean Initiative to Control Chagas Disease (IPA) (Bogotá, Colombia, 5–6 May 2005)
The objective of this meeting was to approach three thematic areas: (a) implementing greater coverage and quality of anti-vectoral activities, according to risk criteria already published by the IPA Technical Advisory Group, taking into account the following: (i) diversity of species, with updated and integrated taxonomy criteria; (ii) interpreting the various epidemiological situations and (iii) the acceptability and viability of the proposals; (b) optimizing management and methodology in blood banks with regard to blood tests, with the goal of eliminating contaminated blood and treating infected individuals detected during testing, within the framework of blood-safety goals; and (c) generating in the member countries a component of morbidity and care for persons infected with or ill from Chagas in an accessible, timely, effective and effecient manner. This page offers the recommendations and decisions plus access to the full-text report in Spanish.(6/May/2005)
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XIVth Meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission of the Southern Cone (INCOSUR) for the Elimination of T. infestans and the Interruption of Transfusional American Trypanosomiasis (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, 28–31 March 2005)
This page includes the recommendations of the meeting, which include (a) upcoming advances in Brazil in interruping vectoral transmission of T. cruzi via T. infestans throughout all endemic areas in the country; (2) approval of a patient care component for Chagas victims; (3) a possible regional meeting of subregional initiatives in 2006; and (4) strengthening of partnerships with MSF-Spain, CIDA and Belgian Cooperation.(31/Mar/2005)
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Regional Core Health Data System - Indicators Glossary
Definition, technical note, type, measure units, categories, and subcategories for each indicator in the Regional Core Health Data System(26/Oct/2004)
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Vth Meeting of the Andean Chagas Initiative (IPA) (Lima, Peru, 6–7 May 2004)
The objectives of this annual IPA meeting were to analyze the situation of Chagas' disease in the countries that form the Andean subregion; define intervention strategies in accordance with entomological, epidemiological, and cost-effectiveness criteria; agree on lines of action related to vector control among the countries of the subregion; and strengthen ties and integration among the National Surveillance and Control Programs in the countries of the Andean subregion. This page offers the conclusions, recommendations, and decisions as well as access to the full-text report in Spanish. (7/May/2004)
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Estudio de la vulnerabilidad no estructural - Hospital Escuela - Honduras
El Hospital Escuela en Honduras ha realizado un estudio de vulnerabilidad de sus elementos no estructurales para garantizar que los servicios básicos sigan funcionando en sus instalaciones en situaciones de emergencia, que es cuando más se les necesita. Los resultados de este estudio se han publicado en forma impresa y en CD-ROM.(4/Nov/2003)
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CD44.R6: Primary Health Care in the Americas: Lessons Learned over 25 Years and Future Challenges
This resolution from the 44th PAHO Directing Council in 2003, taking into consideration the Declaration of Alma-Ata and past PAHO resolutions, sets forth the mandate of improving the quality of primary care in the Americas: more equitable access to health services, improved surveillance and information systems in this context, improved training for healthcare workers, a health promotion approach, better policy implementation, local community-based approaches and models, working towards the Millennium Development Goals, etc.(25/Sep/2003)
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CD41.R15: Strengthening Blood Banks in the Region of the Americas
On pages 26-28 of this final report of the 41st PAHO Directing Council in 1999, you will find Resolution 15 on strengthening blood banks in the Americas to prevent disease transmitted by blood transfusion, as is the case with transfusional Chagas disease. This resolution constitutes the PAHO mandate to combat transfusional transmission of Chagas.(1/Oct/1999)
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CD35.14: Eradication/Elimination of Certain Diseases from the Region
This resolution from the PAHO Directing Council sets forth the mandate for the eradication and elimination on onchocerciais (river blindness), Chagas Disease (American trypanosomiasis) through blood transfusion, and leprosy (Hansen's disease) from the Americas.(30/Sep/1991)
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