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Specifications for Prepackaging Antimalarial Medicines: Report of a WHO Technical Consultation
The objectives of this meeting were to define minimum technical specifications for the blister prepackaging of antimalarial medicines; define minimum requirements for product labelling, product information inserts, and information, education and communication (IEC) materials for prepackaged antimalarial medicines; elaborate and review the regulatory requirements for registering antimalarial medicines as co-packaged and/or prepackaged products; and highlight issues related to improved access (good distribution, storage and other drug management processes) for end-users in relation to "course of treatment" packaging.(28/Dec/2005)
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Periodical Publications

Perspectives in Health - Volume 11, Number 1, 2007
Magazine published by the Pan American Health Organization. This edition features the following articles: Best Buys for Public Health - HIV: What You Know Can Help You - Deadly Imitation - Genetics in the Service of the People - Health Goes to School(28/Jun/2007)
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Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas - NEWS: Vol. 3, No. 1 March , 2003 (in Spanish only)
News on: III Assembly of the Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas; Regional Working Group for the project Pharmaceutical Care in Diabetes Mellitus; Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pharmaceutical Forum; Document of FIP on the pharmaceutical practice in developing countries; 63er International Congress of the FIP. 4-9 of September 2003, Sydney, Australia.(1/Mar/2003)
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Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas - NEWS: Vol. 2, No. 1 February 2002 (in Spanish only)
News on: Working group for development of proposal of project Pharmaceutical Care in Diabetes; Europharm Forum develops research of use of tobacco between pharmacists in Europe; Project of Pharmaceutical Care in Hypertension (AF/HTA) can be developed in collaboration with the CARMEN; Commemoration of 150 years of APHA has the participation of leaders of the FFA; FIP promotes meeting of regional entities; World Day of Health has as subject the combat to the sedentary lifestyle: You move America! !! ; 62 World Congress of the FIP; Meeting of the President Dr. Salas with the Executive Secretariat of the FFA in Washington.(4/Feb/2002)
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Technical Documents

Pharmaceutical care project in hypertension (AF/HTA) - (spanish only)
There are exposed the reasons, background, and objectives to develop the pharmaceutical care project in hypertension, within the framework of the Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas.(22/Sep/2004)
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EDUCFA Pharmaceutical Education
There are presented aspects related to the initiatives of the professional education of college and graduate-level, in particular various aspects related to the Pan American Conferences on Pharmaceutical Education. There is included in addition a proposal of career accreditation of Pharmacy of Latin America, in progress of treatment in such Conferences.(28/Jul/2004)
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CD44.R6: Primary Health Care in the Americas: Lessons Learned over 25 Years and Future Challenges
This resolution from the 44th PAHO Directing Council in 2003, taking into consideration the Declaration of Alma-Ata and past PAHO resolutions, sets forth the mandate of improving the quality of primary care in the Americas: more equitable access to health services, improved surveillance and information systems in this context, improved training for healthcare workers, a health promotion approach, better policy implementation, local community-based approaches and models, working towards the Millennium Development Goals, etc.(25/Sep/2003)
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