Foot and Mouth Disease

   Technical Documents

Technical Documents

Health Surveillance and Disease Prevention and Control at PAHO
This page describes the PAHO Technical Area for Health Surveillance and Disease Prevention and Control(HSD), its mission and objectives, what it does in terms of projects and activities. It contains links to the four technical groups and the Pan American Center under its umbrella. Note: Prior to June 2006, the Area was named Disease Prevention and Control.(3/Jun/2008)
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RIMSA 15: Inter-American Meeting at Ministerial Level on Health and Agriculture (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11–12 June 2008)
Comprehensive new site: PAHO will once again hold its biennial meeting where ministers of health and agriculture discuss common concerns related to animal diseases, diseases transmitted to human by animals, and agricultural/livestock production and food safety. This year's theme is Agriculture and Health: Alliance for Equity and Rural Development in the Americas.(19/May/2008)
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RIMSA 14: Index of Documents
Index of documents presented at RIMSA 14.(18/May/2008)
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Guide for Social Communication and Risk Communication in Animal Health
The objective of this guide is provide a valuable practical, training, and reference tool in the important area of communications for use by public health officials and animal health services in the countries of "greater MERCOSUR." Applicable in other areas of the Americas and other WHO Regions as a strategic source for facilitating information and knowledge and, as a result, disseminating and harmonizing the methodologies and concepts of Mass Communications for specific applicaiton in Veterinary Public Health. This page provides a summary in English and access to the full text in Spanish and Portuguese.(26/Nov/2007)
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Veterinary Public Health at PAHO
This page provides general information on PAHO's activities in the area of veterinary public health and its strategies to face current issues and challenges involving zoonoses, foodborne diseases and food safety. It also provides information and links for the Veterinary Public Health Unit, newly relocated to its regional center in Brazil, and to international partners.(15/Jun/2006)
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The Houston Declaration Agreed upon at the Hemispheric Conference on the Eradication of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (Houston, Texas, 3–4 March 2004)
This milestone declaration in the fight against FMD emerged as a result of the Hemispheric Conference on the Eradication of Foot-and-Mouth Disease, held in Houston, Texas, USA, 3–4 March 2004. It was arrived at as a result of input from Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture and Health, Presidents and Representatives of Federations and Associations of Producers, and others involved in the livestock production chain, and the Representatives of International Agencies present at the conference.(4/Mar/2004)
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Strategic Alliance IICA/PAHO for Human Development and Prosperity in Rural Communities
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), both aware of the need to pool their capabilities in support of efforts to promote the development of their Member States, have decided to work more closely and systematically together in contributing to human development and prosperity in the rural communities of the Americas. This page, in brochure form, summarizes the collaboration of the two organizations. (29/Apr/2003)
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Cooperating in Veterinary Public Health. Quadrennial Report of the Director, Centennial Edition
This excerpt from the Quadrennial Report of the Director deals with the topics of veterinary public health, food safety, and foot-and-mouth disease. It has been created to facilitate user access to the specific topic.(15/Sep/2002)
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XIth Inter-American Meeting, at the Ministerial Level, on Animal Health (RIMSA) (Washington, D.C., 13–15 April 1999)
This page provides access to the documentation proceeding from this regional biennial RIMSA meeting. It contains documents related to animal health and food safety. Its greatest relevance is in the formulation of health policy in the Region.(15/Apr/1999)
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