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Stop the Global Epidemic of Chronic Disease: Advocacy Toolkit
This toolkit contains a manual that is a guide and practical tool for all advocates of chronic disease prevention and control, with a simple seven-step plan for effective advocacy, including identifying target audiences, developing key messages and selecting implementation strategies. This manual is part of a larger WHO advocacy toolkit on preventing chronic disease, which is available either online via the link provided or free of charge while supplies last by contacting WHO Chronic Disease Team. It contains information sheets, fact files, policy briefs, a poster gallery, media features, and a video and film footage.(31/Oct/2007)
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STEPS Training Workshop Materials (PAHO/WHO STEPwise Approach to Chronic Noncommunicable Disease Risk-Factor Surveillance)
The 15 PowerPoint presentations included on this page are those being used by the PAHO/WHO trainers in the training workshops on the STEPS surveillance methodology for use in the Americas.(1/May/2006)
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Diabetes y Sobrepeso en el Contexto de AIEPI
Esta presentación de 31 diapositivos sobre la diabetes y el sobrepeso entre niños y adolescentes se presentó en el Coloquio Internacional 2005 sobre nutrición y diabetes en el Hospital Infantil de Tejas en Houston.(23/Apr/2005)
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Photo Gallery: Veracruz Initiative for Diabetes Awareness (VIDA Project)
The VIDA Project is a joint intervention of the Secretary of Health of Mexico and the Diabetes Declaration of the Americas (DOTA), through PAHO/WHO, consisting of a one-year intervention involving in-service training of primary-care personnel on diabetes management, as well as the implementation of a structured diabetes education program and a variety of innovative initiatives created by the local teams. The photos illustrate the project's grassroots activities.(21/Jul/2004)
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Prevalence of Diabetes among Older Adults in Seven Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC): The Health Wellbeing and Ageing (SABE) Project
This full-size color poster describes the diabetes component of the interprogrammatic multicenter study on Health, Wellbeing and Ageing (SABE Project, from the acronym in Spanish Salud Bienestar y Envejecimiento), carried out in seven major cities in seven countries of Latin America and the Caribbean: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, and Uruguay. It contains a summary of the project and its main findings, including graphs with quantitative data.(18/Jun/2004)
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