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Public Health Surveillance in the Americas: National Epidemiological Surveillance and Statistical Information Systems
A portal with links to National Epidemiological Survillance Information Systems and Statistical Information Systems in the Region of the Americas.(29/Jan/2003)
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Periodical Publications

PAHO Today - August 2006 Edition
PAHO Today is the newsletter of the Pan American Health Organization. In this edition: Remembering Dr. Lee, World Health Assembly Set New Priorities for Global Health, PAHO Assists U.N. Pandemic Flu Efforts, more.(9/Aug/2006)
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Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas-July 2002, No. 88
This month's editorial focuses on logistical support systems, a new growth industry that has caught the attention of the private sector. New trends are posing opportunities and challenges for SUMA users throughout the world.(8/Aug/2002)
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Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas- April 2002, No. 87
In recent years, the international community has focussed its attention, and rightly so, on the need for good governance in developing countries. Today, transparency and accountability are no longer just slogans but prerequisites for aid from abroad.(3/Jun/2002)
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Technical Documents

10th International Course on Physical Activity and Public Health: Move for Health (2nd Course of the CARMEN School in Guatemala, Antigua, 13-16 November 2007)
This course provided training for national and community public health professionals in Guatemala on the topic of physical activity and health.(16/Nov/2007)
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Regional Core Health Data System - Indicators Glossary
Definition, technical note, type, measure units, categories, and subcategories for each indicator in the Regional Core Health Data System(26/Oct/2004)
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