Technical Documents

Technical Documents

Floods in Suriname - May 2006
Heavy rains in South-East Suriname have caused flooding in more than 175 villages, affecting approximately 24,000 people. The situation has prompted the President to declare an emergency situation. Many thousands have been displaced.(10/May/2006)
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Floods in Bolivia - February 2006
Torrential rains almost in all of the territory of Bolivia have caused overflowing of important rivers, affecting La Paz and Trinidad cities and several rural communities across the country. Heavy rains triggered landslides and road obstructions causing the isolation of some rural communities. The National Meteorological Service has informed that rain will continue over the next weeks. The government has declared a national emergency and authorities are making an appeal for international assistance.(9/Feb/2006)
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Floods in Central America and Mexico - October 2005
Rains brought on by Hurricane Stan have produced serious flooding and landslides in communities along the Atlantic coast of Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador.(6/Oct/2005)
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Floods in Guyana
Guyana has been experiencing an excessive amount of rainfall. By mid-January, 27 inches of rain had fallen. This has caused considerable flooding along the coastal regions which are the most densely populated areas of Guyana. It is estimated that more than 70,000 persons in the Georgetown area are seriously affected by the floods. Along the coastal regions, the number is much higher. The Government of Guyana has several regions of the country as disaster areas.(25/Jan/2005)
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Inundaciones en Nicaragua
El paso de ondas tropicales producieron inundaciones en diferentes áreas de Nicaragua en julio de 2004. Por lo menos 25 personas han muerto y más de 3000 familias fueron afectadas. El presidente de Nicaragua declaró varias áreas en estado de desastre natural.(13/Jul/2004)
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Volcanic Eruption in Montserrat
The government of Montserrat declared the island an emergency zone after the Soufriere Hills volcano started erupting on Juy 12, 2003. Conditions have been exacerbated by heavy rains. Although there have not been serious injuries, the government has requesed the donation of dust masks for the population.(16/Jul/2003)
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Donations in-kind for the Iraq Crisis: Guidance to Donors
The United Nations has received many offers of in-kind humanitarian assistance—donations of goods or personnel—for Iraq and requests for advice on how aid might best be provided. View the guidelines prepared for potential donors, including a list of key agency contacts for emergency in-kind contributions. Specific guidelines on field hospitals and drug donations are also included.(12/May/2003)
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Technical Guidelines for Disaster Situations - Donations
Practical Public Health Information for disaster situations prepared by PAHO's technical divisions.(25/Jun/2000)
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