Manmade Disasters



Guía Práctica de Salud Mental en Casos de Desastres
Esta guía práctica contiene procedimientos para identificar y manejar las manifestaciones psicológicas comunes que presentan las víctimas de los desastres. Está dirigida a los trabajadores de salud que laboran en situaciones de emergencias y trata varios temas interesantes que incluyen: el manejo de la dinámica de grupo en situaciones de desastre; problemas comunes de la niñez y adolescencia; primeros auxilios psicológicos y temas de salud mental con las poblaciones desplazadas, sean éstas causadas por desastres naturales o situaciones de conflicto.(10/Aug/2006)
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Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations
This manual should be of interest to specialists in disasters and in management of human remains, and especially national or local authorities who are responsible for ensuring that bodies are treated in a dignified manner and that the human rights of those affected by disasters are respected.(9/Sep/2004)
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Public health response to biological and chemical weapons
This WHO publication is a guide to member states on preparedness for and response to the deliberate use of biological and chemical weapons. PAHO has published the Spanish language edition of this important publication. It is available in full text.(14/Apr/2004)
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Insights Into The Concept Of Stress
The repeated exposure of emergency response personnel to disaster situations have a potentially deleterious effect on their psychological well-being, what can greatly affect the overall outcome of such situations, including the prognosis of the primary victims of the event. This workbook and its companion, Stress Management in Disasters, were designed to provide the basic training material for persons who will be providing such a service. (Manual, 2001)(27/Apr/2001)
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Stress Management In Disasters
Along with its companion workbook, Insights into the Concept of Stress, this book was designed to provide the basic training material for persons who will be providing assistance in disaster situations, because they are themselves repeatedly exposed to very stressful situations.(27/Apr/2001)
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Impact of the Disasters on the Public Health (only in Spanish)
It is a very well documented book that provides excellent information on the causes, history, frequency, duration and consequences of the largest and most frequently occurring disasters in the world. It is a book that will be very useful in the library of anyone involved in the area of disasters. (3/Sep/2000)
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Humanitarian Assistance in Disaster Situations: Guide for Effective Aid
This book offers recommendations for donors and beneficiaries in making their decisions to maximize the benefits in the short and long terms for the countries affected by natural and complex disasters. This Guide provides strong evidence that humanitarian assistance can considerably benefit a country ravaged by disaster if it responds with real needs. It combines and updates several publications that PAHO has published in the last 15 years. To access the book in full-text visit Humanitarian Assistance in Disaster Situations. If you would like to buy a copy of the book visit the Bookstore . (1/Jul/1999)
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Accidentes químicos: Aspectos relativos a la salud. Guía para la preparación y respuesta (only in Spanish)
Three documents are included in this publication: the General Guidelines, which will assist in the development of effective policies for preparing and responding to chemical accidents; the Practical Guidelines, which are more detailed and meant for the operative sector; and the Final Summary, which has a checklist of essential measures for planning and carrying out prevention, preparedness, and response activities specific to chemical accidents. To access the book in full-text visit Accidentes químicos. If you would like to buy a copy of the book visit the Bookstore .(1/Jul/1998)
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