Mental Health in Disaster Situations

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Guía Práctica de Salud Mental en Casos de Desastres
Esta guía práctica contiene procedimientos para identificar y manejar las manifestaciones psicológicas comunes que presentan las víctimas de los desastres. Está dirigida a los trabajadores de salud que laboran en situaciones de emergencias y trata varios temas interesantes que incluyen: el manejo de la dinámica de grupo en situaciones de desastre; problemas comunes de la niñez y adolescencia; primeros auxilios psicológicos y temas de salud mental con las poblaciones desplazadas, sean éstas causadas por desastres naturales o situaciones de conflicto.(10/Aug/2006)
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Disaster Chronicles - Eartquakes in El Salvador 2001
The chronicle describes actions and analyzes the efficiency of the disaster preparedness programs, their impact on the health sector response in the assistance and recovery stages. It includes a list of lessons learned geared toward health sector workers and managers, that will help draw conclusions of interest for the management of future emergencies and disaster situations.In Spanish only.(22/Aug/2002)
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Insights Into The Concept Of Stress
The repeated exposure of emergency response personnel to disaster situations have a potentially deleterious effect on their psychological well-being, what can greatly affect the overall outcome of such situations, including the prognosis of the primary victims of the event. This workbook and its companion, Stress Management in Disasters, were designed to provide the basic training material for persons who will be providing such a service. (Manual, 2001)(27/Apr/2001)
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Virtual Disaster Library -Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance
This edition of this electronic collection (available on line and on CD-ROM) incorporates the most important works published by the Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization, UNHCR, UNICEF, Project SPHERE, the Red International Cross Movement, and several non-governmental organizations. This edition has a new more powerful and improved search engine and all the documents are available in HTML and many in PDF format. With more than 400 scientific and technical documents, this collection is the most important information tool on these topics. (31/Dec/2002)
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Periodical Publications

Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas-January 2005, No. 98
The disaster in South East Asia and the handling of dead bodies after disasters are the main topics of this issue. Also included are the results of a survey on PAHO's disaster publications. HTML(25/Feb/2005)
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Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas-July 2002, No. 88
This month's editorial focuses on logistical support systems, a new growth industry that has caught the attention of the private sector. New trends are posing opportunities and challenges for SUMA users throughout the world.(8/Aug/2002)
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Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas. July 2000, No. 81
Editorial on "The Medical Response to Natural Disasters: Have We Learned Anything Yet?" It also contains information from PAHO/WHO, other organizations, PAHO member countries and new publications on disasters.(1/Jul/2000)
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Technical Documents

Management of Dead Bodies after Disasters: A Manual for First Responders
This Field Manual for First Responders presents simple recommendations for non-specialists to manage the recovery, basic identification, storage and disposal of dead bodies following disasters. It also makes suggestions about providing support to family members and communicating with the public and the media.(27/Mar/2006)
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Fire Tragedy in Paraguay
On Sunday, August 1, 2004, a fire broke out in a supermarket in Asunción, Paraguay when the store was full of weekend customers. Official sources from the Justice Department and the Ministry of Health report that 378 people died at the scene due to inhalation of toxic gases and burns.There were also about 300 injured, that are being treated at the main hospitals in Asunción. Most of them are suffering from smoke inhalation and burns of different degrees.(9/Aug/2004)
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Protection of Mental Health in Disasters and Emergency Situations
The objective of this publication is to offer practical planning guidelines to act in the immediate aftermath of an emergency, and it does not include treatment of psychosocial problems that arise in the medium- and long-term. It is directed toward community efforts and promotes coordination between the multiple agencies that work in the mental health field, frequently with different points of view. In Spanish only.(10/Oct/2002)
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