AIDS and STI (General Documents)

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   Technical Documents

Technical Documents

Sterilization Manual for Health Centers
The purpose of this manual is to inform health workers on the protocols and simple procedures that have been developed to prevent healthcare-associated infections. The guidelines included in this handbook show which steps to follow in cleaning, preparing, sterilizing, storing, and transporting hospital equipment so as to guarantee sterile materials--awareness of which is crucial in providing patients with safe health care. This page provides a summary and access to the full text in Spanish.(31/Dec/2008)
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Guide for Tuberculosis Control in Populations Deprived of Liberty in Latin America and the Caribbean
The general objective of this document is to provide basic guidelines for comprehensive TB control centered on individual and joint actions for aid, promotion, and prevention in accordance with the Stop TB strategy in all the people in the penal system, in a coordinated effort between it and the national tuberculosis programs of. This page provides a summary and access to the full text and an introductory presentation in Spanish--as well as links to all other activities on the topic of TB control in prisons.(30/Nov/2008)
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Fifth Regional Meeting on TB/HIV Collaborative Activities (San José, Costa Rica, 6-7 November 2008)
The objectives of this meeting were to: (1) Confirm the progress made in implementing TB/HIV collaborative activities in the countries and share experiences; (2) Review the most recent advances in TB/HIV, with emphasis on the "three I's" (Intensified case-finding / ICF, Isoniazid Preventive Therapy / IPT, and Tuberculosis Infection Control / IC); and (3) Program TB/HIV implementation activities. This page contains a summary in English, all conference presentations in English and/or Spanish, and conference documentation and the final report in Spanish. (7/Nov/2008)
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Fourth Regional Meeting on TB and TB/HIV in Prisons (San José, Costa Rica, 4-5 November 2008)
The objectives of this meeting were: (1) Review progress in implementing the Stop TB strategy; (2) Present new directions for tuberculosis control; and (3) Discuss TB/HIV collaborative activities in penal institutions. This page contains a translated summary, all presentations (in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, as presented) and access to the report in Spanish--as well as links to other meetings and materials on the topic of TB in prisons and TB/HIV.(5/Nov/2008)
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Guide for TB/HIV Counselling and Testing in Tuberculosis Programs
In two parts: Full-text guide and flipchart for use during counselling sessions. This guide and the accompanying materials were developed to provide support to health workers involved in caring for persons with tuberculosis in all areas of the health sector. Its intention is to promote the development of the necessary skills in TB control teams, with the objective of reducing the risk of TB patients of contracting HIV infection and to offer antiretroviral treatment and comprehensive care to those who are have acquired the infection.(14/Nov/2007)
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CSP27.R10: Regional Policy and Strategy for Ensuring Quality of Health Care, Including Patient Safety
This resolution from the 27th Pan American Sanitary Conference in 2007 sets forth the PAHO mandate for providing effective, safe, efficient, accessible, appropriate, and satisfactory care for users, recognizing that policies are needed in the health sector that will impact the health care continuum, foster citizen involvement, and promote a culture of quality and safety in health care institution.(3/Oct/2007)
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TAC 2007 - Third Meeting of PAHO’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on HIV/STI, held in Managua, Nicaraqua, September 16 - 18, 2007
Third Meeting of PAHO’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on HIV/STI, held in Managua, Nicaraqua, September 16 - 18, 2007(29/Aug/2007)
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WHA60.25: Integrating Gender Analysis and Actions into the Work of WHO: Draft Strategy
This resolution from the 60th World Health Assembly in 2007 sets forth the WHO mandate to analyze the data and act in ensuring and integrating gender equality into all health-related areas and all levels of health-care delivery and services for women and girls of all ages.(23/May/2007)
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New Approaches to HIV Prevention
A growing number of promising new hiv prevention approaches are in the late stages of clinical research, and have the potential to dramatically reduce the burden of hiv/aids around the world. Research on some of these approaches, such as male circumcision and diaphragms, could show results within the next two years. But there are serious obstacles that could significantly delay, or even derail, critical prevention trials — including inadequate resources and capacity to launch and complete trials, and emerging ethical concerns. Moreover, the world is unprepared to capitalize on the potential success of prevention research currently underway. Very little has been done to mobilize resources and develop the public health guidance, provider training, and public education needed to ensure rapid implementation of new prevention methods. This new report by the Global hiv Prevention Working Group, New Approaches to hiv Prevention: Accelerating Research and Ensuring Future Access, summarizes the state of hiv prevention research, and makes recommendations to speed research on promising new hiv prevention methods, and ensure rapid access to new tools and strategies as soon as they are proven effective.(24/Aug/2006)
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¿Qué es el SIDA?
El término “síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida” (sida) fue acuñado inicialmente por los epidemiólogos, preocupados por la aparición, en 1981, de un conglomerado de enfermedades relacionadas con la pérdida de la inmunidad celular en adultos que no mostraban una causa evidente para tales deficiencias inmunitarias.(14/Aug/2006)
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Basic Information on TB/HIV Co-Infection
This two-page fact sheet provides the basic information on TB/HIV co-infection, whereby people with HIV/AIDS or TB are more susceptible to developing the other infection. It answers fundamental questions and offers policy recommendations.(8/Aug/2006)
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IIIrd Regional Meeting on TB/HIV Interprogrammatic Collaboration Activities (San Salvador, El Salvador, 24–26 April 2006)
The objectives of this meeting were to analyze the implementation strategies in the Guidelines for HIV Surveillance among Tuberculosis Patients, per country; share experiences on TB/HIV comprehensive care, with emphasis on counseling and voluntary testing; follow up on the action plans developed in the 2004 meeting; and learn about Salvadoran experience. This page provides access to the agenda, conclusions and recommendations, and the final report.(26/Apr/2006)
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Regional HIV/STI Plan for the Health Sector 2006-2015
The Regional HIV/STI Plan for the Health Sector 2006-2015 is a tool to assist health services and systems in the Americas to more effectively respond to the HIV epidemic and to prevent and control STI. It is meant to strengthen national plans in all countries of the Region. The ten year length of the Plan encourages international and national planners to consider the long-term impact and sustainability of programs, and view the trajectory of the disease in relation to other long-term economic and human development goals. The Regional Plan will be a valuable resource to improve institutional coordination and build social and economic capital to halt the spread of HIV now and for years to come.(4/Nov/2005)
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CD46.R16: PAHO Gender Equality Policy
Resolution adopted at the 46th PAHO Directing Council in September 2005, which lays down the PAHO mandate for gender equality in health and development in the Americas, in accordance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).(30/Sep/2005)
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CD46.R5: Progress Report on the Global Safe Blood Initiative and Plan of Action for 2005-2010
This resolution from the PAHO Directing Council sets forth its Organizational mandate and plan of action to guarantee blood safety and prevent diseases transmitted by blood transfusion.(29/Sep/2005)
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Guías técnicas para implementar encuestas serológicas centinela de VIH en mujeres embarazadas y otros grupos
Esta guía ha sido escrita para Gestores de los Programas de Sida y los epidemiólogos responsables del monitoreo de las tendencias de la prevalencia del VIH en el país. El objetivo es dar una recurso técnico para realizar encuestas serológicas del VIH en varias poblaciones (mujeres embarazadas, pacientes de tuberculosis, grupos ocupacionales).(31/Mar/2005)
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Workshop: Capacity-Building for Tuberculosis Control, with Specific Focus on TB/HIV Control
Purpose: To build country capacity for tuberculosis control in the CAREC Member Countries (CMCs), taking into account that HIV epidemic represents the main threat for TB control. Objectives: Strengthen the National Tuberculosis Programs (NTPs) through the upgrading of knowledge and skills of managers and coordinators in all aspects of prevention and control of tuberculosis, including programme management, DOTS, surveillance, case detection, diagnosis, care and treatment and program operations; and improve the performance of National Tuberculosis Programs (NTPs) and National AIDS Programs (NAPs) regarding the control of the TB/HIV epidemic. This page offers access to the complete workshop CD.(18/Feb/2005)
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1st General Meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on HIV/AIDS/STI
1st General Meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on HIV/AIDS/STI Boca Chica, Dominican Republic 22-24 January 2005(10/Feb/2005)
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VIH y consumo de drogas en las Américas
En esta página se encuentran manuales, materiales de trabajo o presentaciones que pueden orientar a los profesionales que trabajan en la vigilancia, atención y prevención del VIH entre consumidores de drogas en las Américas.(9/Dec/2004)
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CD45.R3: Millennium Development Goals and Health Targets
This resolution from the 45th PAHO Directing Council in 2004 issues a series of mandates to advise countries on what they need to do to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).(29/Sep/2004)
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Fact Sheet: Americas commit to 100% ART access by 2005
The Heads of State of the Americas made a commitment to provide 100% access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) by 2005, which includes the region’s contribution to the “3 by 5” initiative.(19/Aug/2004)
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Proyecto VIDA: Informe final de la 3era Sesión de Aprendizaje (SA3) (Hotel Posada Xalapan, Xalapan, Veracruz, México, 13-15 abril 2004)
La Sesión de Aprendizaje 3 (SA3) buscó reforzar las actividades de entrenamiento realizadas en los centros de salud haciendo hincapié en el control metabólico, seguimiento nutricional y cuidados de los pies, también presentarán los resultados obtenidos por los centros de salud en el Período de Acción 2 y se buscará lograr una mayor participación de los pacientes, empezando por una dramatización de su percepción de la atención de salud, seguido por grupos de trabajo para evaluación de lo vivenciado. Se presentaron los resultados de la evaluación ACIC y se abordarán los componentes del modelo de atención y los ciclos de mejoría.(15/Apr/2004)
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CD44.R6: Primary Health Care in the Americas: Lessons Learned over 25 Years and Future Challenges
This resolution from the 44th PAHO Directing Council in 2003, taking into consideration the Declaration of Alma-Ata and past PAHO resolutions, sets forth the mandate of improving the quality of primary care in the Americas: more equitable access to health services, improved surveillance and information systems in this context, improved training for healthcare workers, a health promotion approach, better policy implementation, local community-based approaches and models, working towards the Millennium Development Goals, etc.(25/Sep/2003)
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Promotion of Sexual Health: Recommendations for Action
The emergence of new problems, notably the HIV/AIDS pandemic, has raised our awareness of current urgent needs for enhanced sexuality training and much more concerted and comprehensive approach to addressing sexuality problems. In order to extend and enhance previous efforts, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in collaboration with the World Association for Sexology called a regional consultation to re-examine how to promote Sexual Health including the role of the health sector in the achievement and mainte-nance of Sexual Health. This document is the result of this consultation held in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, on May 19 to 22, 2000. (PDF 818 KB)(19/May/2000)
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