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   Other Resources

Other Resources

HIV Newsletter October-December 2007
PAHO Electronic Bulletin on HIV No. 16 October-December 2007 Latin America and Caribbean Begins Preparation for AIDS 2008; AIDS 2008 Now Accepting Abstracts; New PAHO HIV Office for the Caribbean; PAHO Adapts Guidelines for Antiretroviral Treatment for LAC; Latin American Develops Strategy to Address Drug Resistance; More than 2,000 Attend V CONCASIDA; CONCASIDA Examines Sustainable; Quality Services for HIV; Second-Generation Surveillance: a Closer Look at the Epidemic in CONCASIDA, PAHO Strengthens Dialogue with Civil Society in CONCASIDA; Pos-CONCASIDA; Nicaragua Repeals Article that Penalized Same-Sex Relations; Third TAC Reviews Progress and Priorities; PAHO and Representatives from the Religious Sector to Cooperate; Suggested Readings; Most frequently used HIV Acronyms(6/Dec/2007)
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Tratamiento antirretroviral de la infección por el VIH en adultos y adolescentes en Latinoamérica y el Caribe: en la ruta hacia el acceso universal. Recomendaciones para un enfoque de salud pública. Versión 2007
Reconociendo el extraordinario valor de la Guía de la Organización Mundial de la Salud titulada Antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection in adults and adolescents. Recommendations for a public health approach. 2006 revision como herramienta de referencia para el avance hacia el acceso universal a prevención, la OPS ha querido aprovechar estos esfuerzos y adaptar la guía al contexto latino americano y caribeño para apoyar la estandarización de la atención médica y de tratamiento antiretroviral. Esta guía viene a apoyar el desarrollo de directrices nacionales basadas en evidencia científica.(5/Oct/2007)
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HIV/STI TAC Directory
PAHO's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on HIV / STI. Choose a TAC Meeting webages from 2005, 2006 or 2007. (14/Sep/2007)
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HIV Newsletter July 2007
HIV Newsletter July 2007 : GAN’s Meeting Monitors Results of ARV Price Negotiation; New Evidence for Prevention through Male Circumcision; Andean Countries Update Knowledge of Second Generation Surveillance; PAHO Harmonizes HIV Agenda with ORAS; Developing HIV Estimates for Latin America and the Caribbean; Third Meeting of the TAC in September 2007 in Guatemala; “Know your Status” Initiative launched on 27 June— HIV Testing and Counseling Services Awareness Day; The Global HIV Prevention Working Group launches New Report for “Scaling up” HIV prevention; Central America Moves Towards Implementation of Regional HIV Plan; Third Latin American Health Journalism Award Launched; WHO Removes Viracept® from Roche of its Prequalified List; Colleagues in HIV/AIDS Unit to Receive PAHO’s Annual Award for Outstanding Team; Suggested Readings; Most frequently used HIV Acronyms(10/Jul/2007)
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Fact Sheets on HIV in the Americas
Fact Sheets on HIV in the Americas(19/Jun/2007)
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Campañas contra la homofobia en Argentina, Brasil, Colombia y México
Homofobia - Campañas contra la homofobia en Argentina, Brasil, Colombia y México(28/Mar/2007)
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HIV and Gender
This web page houses information and resources on the topic of HIV/AIDS and gender.(18/May/2006)
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HIV Homepage
PAHO provides technical cooperation for the prevention and control of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases in the Region of the Americas. It also promotes, designs, and facilitates technical activities and policies to improve the capacity of Member Countries to reduce the number of future infections and to provide timely and adequate care for people with HIV.(25/Apr/2006)
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ALCUEH: Health Collaboration Program among Latin American, the Caribbean and European countries
ALCUEH is a project that convokes expert professionals, researchers, decision-makers and representatives of agencies, interested in making alliances, in order to analyze relevant problems related to health, to identify possible strategies and solutions which can help improve health conditions in industrialized or developing countries.(13/Mar/2006)
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Neglected Diseases: Search Page for PAHO and WHO Information
This page contains a list of neglected (primarily tropical) diseases of importance in Latin America and the Caribbean, with links to sites or autosearches with information on them. PAHO is developing a multi-disease approach to the prevention, control, or elimination of the diseases in this area.(1/Feb/2006)
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Boletin Vigilancia del Sida en las Americas Junio 2005 (version 20 septiembre 2005)
Boletin Vigilancia del Sida en las Americas Junio 2005 (version 20 septiembre 2005)(30/Sep/2005)
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WHO Resources on Tuberculosis: A Selective List
This selected list of links will take the user to the main WHO sites on TB, including sites for TB/HIV, MDR-TB, gender and TB, Stop TB, the Global Drug Facility, epidemiological databases, DOTS, recent reports, activities, publications, etc.(25/Jul/2005)
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GenSalud Information Systems Web Page
This web page provides access to a variety of gender, ethnicity and health information, the GenSalud electronic bulletin, the Gender and Health Virtual library, fact sheets, the Gender, Health and Development statistical brochure, among other resources from PAHO's Gender, Ethnicity and Health Unit.(4/Apr/2005)
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Gender, Ethnicity and Health Page
This page provides access to the latest information from the Gender, Ethnicity and Health Unit of the Pan-American Health Organization.(25/Feb/2005)
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Country Information on HIV in the Americas
Below you will find two sets of documents containing country-specific information about the HIV epidemic. The Care and Treatment Info Sheets include information about the care of people with HIV, antiretroviral coverage, lines of treatment, and drug prices, among other things. The Epidemiological Info Sheets contain the most recent country specific data on prevalence, incidence and prevention activities, summarizing the status of epidemic. Both Information Sheets were produced in collaboration with national authorities and reflect the best information made available to PAHO/WHO and partner organizations.(30/Nov/2004)
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Report of a Lessons Learnt Workshop on the Six ProTEST Pilot Projects in Malawi, South Africa and Zambia (Durban, South Africa, 3–6 February 2003)
The ProTEST initiative was established in 1997 by WHO to develop a more coherent response to tuberculosis (TB) in settings with high HIV prevalence through collaboration between TB and HIV/AIDS control programs. HIV counseling and testing services were developed as the entry point to a package of prevention, care and support services. Six model ProTEST projects were established in three countries with a high burden of HIV-related TB; project results were reviewed during this workshop. This page offers the executive summary with results and conclusions and provides access to the full text on the WHO site. (27/Jul/2004)
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HIV/AIDS-Related Stigma and Discrimination in the Health Sector
A PAHO report issued in 2003 revealed that HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination persists among health workers of many countries, including the Americas. According to the report, those who are discriminated against may suffer physically and psychologically, while those who fear discrimination may be reluctant to seek testing or treatment. When this happens, people living with HIV and those at risk of infection are less able to protect themselves and their partners from infections. In addition to the report, PAHO produced a series of materials (posters, public service announcements, press releases, power point presentations), which can be found in this page. They aim at helping the health sector discuss the issue and are being used, together with the report, in several forums such as meetings with health sector personal, NGOs, professional associations, and ethics committees.(29/Jan/2004)
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Calendar with activities in response to AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean
Web-based calendar of HIV/AIDS events in Latin America and the Caribbean. This calendar allows agencies that lead the response to AIDS in the region to share information about meetings, workshops, and conferences.(8/May/2002)
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