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March 24 World TB Day 2005: Health-Care Providers Heroes in the Fight against Tuberculosis
This year's World TB Day is dedicated to health workers, the true heroes in the fight against tuberculosis. This page summarizes the event and provides access to the educational materials produced for general distribution (brochure, poster and bookmark, all in color).(22/Mar/2005)
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Other Resources

The International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI)
The International Research Institute for Climate Prediction at the Earth Institute at Columbia University is the WHO Collaborating Center for Early Warning Systems for Malaria and other Climate-Sensitive Diseases.(20/Nov/2007)
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DDT Homepage
Home page of the DDT/UNEP/GEF/PAHO project on Regional Program of Action and Demostration of Sustainable Alternatives to DDT for Malaria Vector Control in Mexico and Central America.(22/Feb/2007)
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Sustainable Development and Environmental Health - About SDE
Sustainable Development and Environmental Health (SDE) - About SDE(12/Aug/2005)
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Technical Documents

Manual for Indoor Residual Spraying: Application of Residual Sprays for Vector Control (3rd ed.)
The objective of this handbook is to ensure the safe and correct application of a residual insecticide to indoor surfaces on which vectors may rest. Indoor residual spraying is extensively used, especially for malaria and Chagas disease vector control. However, vector control programmes frequently lack well-trained field staff to apply the insecticides and to maintain the application equipment. With good skills and quality application equipment, hazards to human health and the environment, as well as financial losses, can be avoided. It can be used as a model to develop training materials in the countries.(31/Dec/2006)
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Capacity Development under Program-Based Approaches: LENPA Spring Forum 2005: Synthesis Report (Washington, DC, 25–27 April 2005)
This report synthesizes key ideas and conclusions emerging from above-mentioned forum on strengthening capacities under program-based approaches (PBAs) sponsored by the Learning Network on Program-Based Approaches (LENPA). The page contains a summary, four case studies from Latin America, the full executive summary, and the full-text report.(31/Oct/2005)
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