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Technical Documents

Health Analysis and Statistics at PAHO
This page describes the the unit responsible for the comprehensive health statistics on the Americas compiled by PAHO: its mandate, mission, areas of work, activities, and products (with links to its main products, e.g. databases, vital statistics, publications, etc.)(28/Aug/2008)
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WHA60.25: Integrating Gender Analysis and Actions into the Work of WHO: Draft Strategy
This resolution from the 60th World Health Assembly in 2007 sets forth the WHO mandate to analyze the data and act in ensuring and integrating gender equality into all health-related areas and all levels of health-care delivery and services for women and girls of all ages.(23/May/2007)
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The PACARDO research project: youthful drug involvement in Central America and the Dominican Republic
Objective: To estimate the occurrence and school-level clustering of drug involvement among school-attending adolescent youths in each of seven countries in Latin America, drawing upon evidence from the PACARDO research project, a multinational collaborative epidemiological research study. (Rev Panam Salud Pública 2004 15(6):400-416) (You can purchase this article)(16/Jun/2004)
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An ecological analysis of childhood-onset type 1 diabetes incidence and prevalence in Latin America
The objetive of this articles is to explore, for Latin America, by means of an ecological correlation analysis, the possible relationships between both the incidence and prevalence of childhood type 1 diabetes and selected hypothesized etiological factors, including race/ethnicity, geographical latitude, breast-feeding rates, per capita milk supply and coffee consumption, and wealth-related indicators such as infant mortality rate, life expectancy at birth, and national human development index. (Rev Panam Salud Pública 2004 15(6):388-394) (You can purchase this article)(16/Jun/2004)
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Los valores P y los intervalos de confianza: ¿en qué confiar?
Las pruebas de hipótesis, que también se conocen por pruebas de significación estadística o pruebas de la hipótesis de nulidad (o de la hipótesis nula), forman parte fundamental del material que se imparte en los cursos de estadística universitaria. Una vez que aprende a manejarlas, el estudiante o investigador no vacila en aplicarlas libremente, pese a que hoy en día la mayoría de los estadísticos desaconsejan su uso debido a las graves deficiencias de estas pruebas y a su dudosa utilidad en comparación con otros métodos de análisis inferencial. (Rev Panam Salud Pública, 2004 15(5):293-296) (Usted puede comprar este artículo)(23/May/2004)
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Las pruebas de significación estadística en tres revistas biomédicas: una revisión crítica
El objetivo de este estudio es caracterizar el empleo de las pruebas convencionales de significación estadística y las tendencias actuales que muestra su uso en tres revistas biomédicas del ámbito hispanohablante. (Rev Panam Salud Pública, 2004 15(5):300-306) (Usted puede comprar este artículo)(23/May/2004)
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Genetic epidemiology: an expanding scientific discipline
This article describes the objectives and methodology of genetic epidemiology, using concrete examples from the recent scientific literature. (Rev Panam Salud Pública 1998 3(1):26-34)(30/Aug/1998)
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Epidemiological Perspectives on Life-Style Modification and Health Promotion in Cancer Research.
Evaluates life-style factors and health promotion by means of the epidemiologic method. Includes societal position, behavioral risk factors, screening behaviors and psychosocial factors. Pages 232-238 (Health Promotion: An Anthology. © PAHO, 1996) (You can purchase this article)(28/Oct/1996)
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